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  1. That's some pretty sketchy tie-down technique...
  2. If you want to camp on the backside of the dunes, head north on 95, pass Valley View on your left (you have to look off in the distance for the green street sign), then you'll see the BLM's "Big Dunes" sign. About a mile or so north is where you'll make the left. It's a nice(r) graded gravel road in. Drive in about 3-4 miles in, and you'll see a wooden fence post structure...make a left there, and you'll have no problem finding a decent-ish camp spot. If you want to camp on the front side, make the left on Valley View, and go about 2 miles or so. You should see a dirt road on your right heading into the dune area. Forget that one, and continue on VV for about another 1/2 mile or so, and make a right at the next dirt road access. Wind your way in, and find your special place. It's not that bad, it's just really silty in some spots. You shouldn't get stuck, unless you want to. Good luck.
  3. Gonna be a long 5+ months...
  4. You've got to be kidding! Someone stole it? Why can't people leave stuff alone?
  5. Ahhh, you didn't say you were looking for diesel. I thought you wanted to put fuel in the hauler. I usually top off the diesel elsewhere, before hooking up the hauler.
  6. There aren't many, if any, gas stations in the NW that I'd take a chance pulling into with a toy hauler. If you head out to Dumont using 95N, you can use the Snow Mountain Smoke Shop gas station on the Paiute Indian Reservation. Easy in and out, plus they have propane.
  7. I've never seen any ATV rentals at Dumont.
  8. I have an '07 Attitude 33AKS. Works great for us. Love the trailer. What are you going to be hauling?
  9. Yes, you are correct. Halloween weekend will be 10/26-10/28/18.
  10. Is this an LBZ Duramax?
  11. Heading out tomorrow - Sunday. The dunes should be like glass with the "W" blowing.
  12. Yup, I remember when Ynot put in a lot of effort to help make the clean-up what it was. That's what I was wondering when I heard the clean-up(s) were back on. The participation was impressive I don't imagine they'll ever be the way they once were. That's the area we camp.
  13. Thanks, is there a sign-in roster, raffle and BBQ like in previous years?
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