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  1. Well, hopefully if someone honest found it, and they check out this site, they'll return them. Good luck!
  2. Boy, you guys are lucky everything went ok. Dumont is NOT the place to be in the summer. Sounds like you guys were suffering from heat exhaustion. It gets worse from there. Glad you all got back safely.
  3. Looks like it's facing the camp area, with the finger dunes in the background.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering why its been so quiet here. Everyone's out hoarding.
  5. until

    Yay! Halloween actually falls on a weekend this year!
  6. Yeah, this topic has been brought up before. It's about educating people on proper dune etiquette. Too many people think just because you're off the beaten path, it's a free for all. No consideration for others.
  7. Wow, Dumont was a "hot spot"...literally! Got out there Monday 10/21 to a cool 88*. Nice to see so many people back at it, but "watch out for that guy" everywhere you go. Whoever erected the swingset...beautiful job! It was another point of interest to check out. Comp was busy Thurs, Fri, and Sat night especially. Lots of people in costume, and lots of rides decorated. Sunday, the mass exodus was insane. Took 3 1/2hrs to get from camp to the pay station! Total cluster. W blew all day. Garbage everywhere. Dumont needs a little TLC..
  8. Sandemon, can you clarify the date for the public meeting after the clean-up please? You wrote the year 2000, and wondering if it's supposed to be 2020?
  9. You will be required to show your pass on your way out, unless you fly by the wee hours of the morning, when there's no BLM officials at the entrance/exit.
  10. That's some pretty sketchy tie-down technique...
  11. If you want to camp on the backside of the dunes, head north on 95, pass Valley View on your left (you have to look off in the distance for the green street sign), then you'll see the BLM's "Big Dunes" sign. About a mile or so north is where you'll make the left. It's a nice(r) graded gravel road in. Drive in about 3-4 miles in, and you'll see a wooden fence post structure...make a left there, and you'll have no problem finding a decent-ish camp spot. If you want to camp on the front side, make the left on Valley View, and go about 2 miles or so. You should see a dirt road on your righ
  12. Gonna be a long 5+ months...
  13. You've got to be kidding! Someone stole it? Why can't people leave stuff alone?
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