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    Chenowth 4LWD
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    Whittier CA
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    Heavy Equipment Operator (retired)
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    Rock crawling my 88 Toyota 4Runner, fishing, camping, shooting

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  1. PSD


    My summer escape has always been the Big Bear/Green Valley Lake area. Always 20/30 degrees cooler than down below! Just came back from another trail run. Dishpan Springs trail 3N34 from Arrowhead to Crab Flats. Tough run. Popped a bead but was able to reseat it. Some pics:
  2. PSD

    Looking for a Chenowth Monogram Front Bumper

    I've been looking for one myself. Tried emailing them but the link was not valid. Gonna try calling tomorrow.
  3. PSD

    What did you do for Memorial Weekend?

    Thanks! 30 years old this year and still doesn't leak a drop of oil!
  4. PSD

    What did you do for Memorial Weekend?

    Went rock crawling up in Big Bear. Ran 3n10, 3n93, and 2n06x.