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Dive Bar Casanova

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  1. Dive Bar Casanova

    3 year old hit by buggy Halloween weekend

    Good to hear. Devastating. Sorry she and you all had to endure this. We’ve had a problem with camp racers coming through our campground and close calls with the kids circling on their mini quads. Day before Halloween we caught a close call camp racer and he got drum sets played on his head with fists.
  2. The first run for the pack leader since a front end demolishing, head over heals roll over a Razorback, lawn dart wreck on the previous trip.. It was a MFSOB getting his Rzr off the dunes. It was so bright the day of this video and just after a strong windstorm so we took it easy on this run. I have a dark sun filter on the camera that looks ok, but even with limo tinted goggles it was still hard to see. Much brighter than the video depicts. I'm driving my X3 RS with stock suspension that we think is fine. Brakes are Flintstone. On the X3 you have your foot on them halfway to the front shock and still ya wonder, so keeping a reasonable distance in mind prevents rear-enders. As I was editing out that dead spot in the middle of the video You Tube took their video editor down.shame, though it has goofy bugs in it it was a easy to use program.
  3. Dive Bar Casanova

    From quads to razr !!!

    Posted in wrong thread
  4. Dive Bar Casanova

    Will quads be phased out by side x sides?

    We have 3 YFZ 450's. Just keeping them until it's certain the kids no longer want to ride. I'm too old to ride anymore so I keep them for the kids. Wish I didn't sell the Yami 250. Buying a Polaris 50 next week. I was told Yamaha is the only company still making Sport Quads. SXS's saved our interest in duneing. Sand cars are too much car for me, the kids never showed an interest in them and the trophy trucks I want would be about $300K. X3RS really fits our style. Really like SxS's. Friend Igor designing a Trophy Truck like I'd want: Igor Building it: Igor crossing the road in it at the Mint 400: wOnvoXw_lq.mp4 We had ridden our YFZ 450’s to the Glamis Beach Bar. A guy and his wife drove up in the first Rzr we ever saw and told us they liked it better and sold their quads. Wife mentioned thatll be the future BFD. That week we bought a 800 and they were discounting them 20%. Was able to convince Dave at Fullerton sand tire to build us (order) us a custom machined set of wheels with a 5” outside offset and beadlocks and paddles. Dave argued the beadlock part but I insisted and they came a few weeks later. We were here one of the very rare Rzrs at DUMONT and a buggy guy at Comp really resented them and made his opinion known. Now it’s 90% Rzrs or SxS’s when we look around comp. I think they gave duneing and off roading a huge boost. Quads were beating us to death and we went Elka and all the suspension relief tricks. Lanes on the roads in Utah that are designated SxS, whole towns economies take a huge boost from SxS visitors. Moab for one + Marysville, Panguich and emerging SxS friendly places like Deadwood and Sturgis. Polaris sales jump another $1 billion dollars each year since it’s introduction. $5 yearly billion last I checked. It made the company. Our first Rzr and one of the very first Rzr 800s:
  5. Dive Bar Casanova

    Wrist / arm restraints

    Spent Thursday night with a friend in a full double Halo. Pins in his melon and neck, + shoulder, chest and back harness, he's been in it going on 9 months. A hell of a contraption. 9 months of misery with 6 more to go. Rolled his Honda Pilot and broke his neck. He said the steering wheel hand straps probably kept him from destroying his hands and arms. I'm all for safety stuff.
  6. Dive Bar Casanova


    Just cresting the hills near us. The air attack planes passing over head. No wind this morning. Yesterday evening: Spent some serious time this summer with the weed eater. We’re in ok shape but standing by with the dollar store hose and jack ass rigged water booster pump and a $10 Walmart nozzle that leaks. Spare no expense. Killed the Ryobi weed eater. Grenaded at about 25 sq yards. Echo makes the good ones. Powerful, reliable and they last year after year.
  7. Dive Bar Casanova

    Much Better RV Lighting

    We have oddball light bulbs and haven't yet found suitable LED replacements. We will as soon as we do.
  8. Dive Bar Casanova

    RV Antennas

    Got it. BTW Pete. That truck you drew in kindergarten with crayons,,, it exists:
  9. Dive Bar Casanova

    RV Antennas

    Are you talking TV or radio? BTW: How'd you figure out how to post an Avatar? We've clicked all over this site and can't figure it out.
  10. Dive Bar Casanova


    At St Anthony's a really cool German Tourist couple in a Road Bear rented RV approached us and asked if the girls would be in their dune wedding. The girls accepted the invite and answered in German to the couples surprise. They found a pastor in town to do it and pulled a license. A girl playing her guitar in camp they noticed they asked to be their orchestra and spotting my case of COSTCO champagne,,, we offered to be the bartenders. The girls put on nice cloths and tart makeup even though I told them in the dunes that's not necessary. They replied: "Hochzeitsfotos sind für immer wir müssen unser Bestes geben." Something about pictures are forever so look good. Later we came across a couple that had rented SXS and lawn darted it over a Razor. They happened to pick the biggest razorback out there, went straight for it looking ok from the back side and sadly didn't survive. I dunno about renting SxS's on the dunes but having said that 99% of people that rent them have good fun with no problems other than getting stuck. Their is a farmer who's farm is just next to the dunes. He has a Deuce and a half rigged for the sand and will help and tow back to camp any duner in distress,,, no charge. We talked to him and he was really cool. "The two types of bees you see inspecting you don't sting, they are cutter bees that tend to the crops" he told us. "They nip the crops leaves that cause the the leaf to propagate". So hold that thought when in St Anthony's. Lot's of non-stinging bees.
  11. Dive Bar Casanova

    Meat smokers anyone use one?

    Smoke Pork Butt overnight? Do I ever want to try that. Thanks for the tips. I’ll get one of those thermometers too. The Trager pellet is fantastic.
  12. Dive Bar Casanova

    Meat smokers anyone use one?

    We were at the Whispering Pines Campground in South Dakota and had trouble locating decent riding trails. Nothing good we could find on the maps and the Polaris trail guide app sucked too. (I know we roll with a Can Am). I went to the campground bar and grill while the wife slept in the RV. A couple rolled up in a Rzr 800 and sat at the bar. I asked them if they knew of any fun runs. They told me they are always asked that when they sit at the bar. ,,,,,, and,, yes they do and why don’t we join them the next day on a group run. Avenza is Da kine’ off road app they showed us. Yep it’s excellent and it’s free. The next day we joined them headed out to the Galina off road trails area that is excellent. Included in the area is Sturgis and Deadwood. OK to get on the subject: We invited everyone in the group over for back ribs and DUMONT Dunes Rice. I used to broil the ribs upside down then dip in sauce and throw them in the crockpot for 4 hours. Not bad. Well, the couple offered to smoke them and I took them up on it. Wow what a difference. Cherry and Apple wood took it all to the next level. Sold me on smokers. Got home and bought the Red Box, portable, counter flow smoker. Works great. Did some Tri tips too and found Mesquite too strong. I’m doing it wrong maybe. Oak, pecan and apple seems to work better. Anyone else use a smoker? Any tips, tales or takes?
  13. Dive Bar Casanova

    Coffee and hot drinks at the Dunes

    My wife too quit coffee and as luck would have it gave up meat just as I perfected using my smoker. The K cup ya re-fill is excellent too. The grounds I re-purpose in the garden.
  14. Dive Bar Casanova


    We made it as far North as St Anthony’s for some duning and the total eclipse. What luck RVs and trucks from NASA camped around us and set up their telescopes and put on a cool show the night before the eclipse. Our Neices and their friends were along from Switzerland to Dune and experience the eclipse and got a first class experience. St Anthony’s total eclipse: The older ladies in hats are NASA astronomers. They let the girls look through their gas filled tracking telescopes and put ona cool astronomy show the night before: x Then we dropped down to Marysvale Utah, a SXS friendly town with ample miles of trails: St Anthony’s.:
  15. Dive Bar Casanova

    Coffee and hot drinks at the Dunes

    We were simply using instant for years. The Juan Valdez our favorite but hard to find or sold out. More and more duners we know just use the old school percolators. Good coffee that method. The Starbux instant now tastes like it has a gasoline residual. Keurig caught my eye at the GMC waiting room free coffee dealio. Got to try how easy it is and the different blends. What the hey, COSTCO had Keurigs on sale. Talking around I heard don’t get the cheapie, go up a few models. So I bought the discounted deluxe Keurig and the gigantic case of multi flavors and taste blends also on sale. Works good, takes the Honda 2200 to full throttle for about a minute, good to go. The house brand Donut Shop from Kroger (Vons, Ralph’s , Food King) is cheap and often a 2 for one deal. Tastes great. Hot coco and salted caramel dealios for it too. What do you do for coffee?