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Dive Bar Casanova

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  1. Dive Bar Casanova

    Rolling into DUMONT the 27th.

    Our kids are with the ex’s or their other half family this holidays. We’ll roll into DUMONT the 27th but stopped off in Spangler in route. We took the State trail 7 / RM1444 to the Husky monument and was able to keep the throttle pinned most the way. Only drawback on the X3rs are the Flintstones brakes. I seriously want to upgrade those if ever possible. The power is plenty and the suspension gets serious at speed really fun but stopping one has to be cautious. Stopped off at the F22 crash site : Some fantastic new memorials have recently been placed at the Husky. Really detailed and skilled construction. Word is if you travel west of the 395 have a Cal City sticker. We headed to the Joint bar in Randsberg and it was just us and some euro tourists in Rented RVs. Neal the owner held court and it is always a fun stop. The euros were sent on the road with little or no idea how to operate the basic functions on the RVs. So we explain it all and advise to stop off at Walmart and get some holding tank chemical. Road Bear customers seem to never have this problem and Road Bear rents nicer units. Worth the few bucks more.
  2. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Last evening we shut down the North Pole until sundown. MFSOB cold wind. Leaving this morning the sand seemed a bit tighter and it was an easier pull out. We’ll no doubt return for Presidents day.
  3. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    We’re thinking maybe a late afternoon run. Mixed weather reports.
  4. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Over cast and chilly this morning. Accuweather says it’s 45f but seems much colder. Winds predicted for later. A noticeable amount of campers left yesterday. Some not getting Monday off we figure. Our camp will disperse Wednesday. Tonight we we cook the DUMONT ribs and dirty rice for everyone then onto comp hill for NYE. Guys with the headache and wallet burning Turbo YXZs have parked them and are once again hauling the family in their 4 seater Rzrs. If you’re considering a YXZ Turbo kit ya might want to talk to them first. They have seen the elephant. I know one model of the new 2019 YXZ has the beefed up connecting rods and a few other Turbo ready features on the engines. Also the Rzr lug pattern BTW. Clutch and mapping issues and a hole in the turbo housing this timeOut. I think they are flirting with $50 to $ $60k on these builds. The “Package” Turbo X3 RS sensational performance and runs dope. Strong winds hit just this minute.
  5. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    A couple more wadded up dune buggies, one last night at comp and evidently another today with no reported injuries. Relatively quiet runnings today.
  6. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Not that busy a Holiday,, yet. I’d say half of what turned out last year. After the winds the dunes saw action but we didn’t encounter too much cross traffic. A couple married at the North Pole yesterday: Sheriffs wrote a helmet ticket and were checking registration at the North Pole while they were at it. They are running unmarked vehicles. Dune condition outstanding IMHO. Wasnt able to get a video but a new, showroom stock F150 was rolling up and down comp hill and was fantastic. Stock tires too. I’ll shoot some video today if they return. One of our group installed the full blast big turbo package on his new Can Am X3 and it runs flawless and super fast. Beat the turbo YXZ’s, impressive. Has launch control that works dope. A steamer. The guys with the Turbo package YXZs are still dealing with issues and burning through money and patience. Skinner rolled by in his X3 RS max and has the suspension dialed in perfect. Car stays level and straight over the whoops outstanding. Impressive.
  7. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Yeah we’ve seen some crazy fast towing but it works.
  8. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    Breezy and quiet this Sat morning. 5150 Whips said they read on Facebook someone rolled their sand rail yesterday but driver was OK, rail done for the trip. Winds had mostly been from the east and northeast and that means slippery towing on the flats. Lots of quicksand pits. If if anyone needs assistance we’re unhooked, air downed and can help. 818 4192620. Remember if you needed help getting in you’ll need it getting out. Seem less treacherous between the rockpile and restroom. Between the RR to vendors pretty treacherous. The guys that you expect to ace it got stuck, the guys you’re sure will get stuck aced it. We did a fast group run yesterday evening about 8 vehicles and had a blast. Report back after a few runs today, Saturday. BTW: Wife is a Vegetarian and makes an amazing smoked cantaloupe and rice dish we want to some day some trip run over to you Pete. Off the chain deeeeeelicious.
  9. Dive Bar Casanova

    New Years Weekend looking chilly

    BLM is here they rolled through our camp yesterday and hung out at vendors. Biggest issue is the loose sands in the main camping areas. Plenty of people getting stuck. Some pits of misery worse than other areas. Everyone is helping everyone in other camps too. Airing down your tow vehicle to 40 lbs seems to be the magic number. First I’ve seen this condition in over 20 years. Cold winds still with us. Killer witch eyes galore. The turbo YFZs still holding up. Stage 5 insane fast up the hill. Now if they could solve the recurring blown head gaskets and fussy 3rd gear sputtering. Fun to watch them jump up comp. Watching the sunset with a brief lull in the winds:
  10. Dive Bar Casanova

    Rolling into DUMONT the 27th.

    Valley Dirt riders is having a Presidents Day weekend meetup in the area. Everyone is welcome and a good way to get acquainted. Meetup.com has info Barry Friedman runs good free events. One should be able to run 25 to 35 mph. Or: Google earth and street view Hi 395 and Trona Rd or Searls Station rd you can check out plenty of boondocking spots. Free 14 day limit.
  11. Dive Bar Casanova

    First Time Visitor

    Yeah you may consider camping at the little dunes. The kids 50cc quads I aired down to 1 psi the Big Horn tires on our former 800 I aired down to 6 psi.
  12. Dive Bar Casanova

    Good Radiator advise needed.

    2001 GMC 2500 HD 8.1 HD gas. Stock radiator lasted 15 years 160.000 miles. Then the integrated trans cooler leaked and the complete radiator was replaced with what’s known as the best out there. Can’t get the replacement radiators to last 6 months. Any solutions out there? Anyone make a decent radiator?
  13. Dive Bar Casanova

    Good Radiator advise needed.

    Thanks for the tip. The GM radiator was 3 times the cost but definitely more robust construction. Other owners I know got over 260K miles out of their 8.1's and Allison's so It's worth the investment. Of the many many people I know with Allisons only know of one that died at about 150.000 miles. A split race bearing separated. Rated towing 12.500 he's been towing way, way more than that the entire life of the truck. Chevy dealer in Laughlin service manager told me they've never seen a bad one. Lucky to find any GM over the counter parts anymore. Got the last flip up center console avail in the USA. Truck has a rare bench front seat,, and leather at that. We'll keep it another 100K and then it'll do river duty garaged then just launching and retrieving boats. Been the most amazing truck, it's been everywhere done brutal duty. Those new 2019 GMC 6.2 4x4 1500's sure look nice.
  14. Dive Bar Casanova

    E85 Gas stationa

    It’s been several months or more but last I was at the Rebel on Sunset at Boulder Hwy it had e85. Dangerous 'hood BTW. Thugs everywhere. Its a vanishing commodity. If you run LL it’ll wipe out your cat and O2 sensor. It’s what happened to 3 friends and their Rzrs and X3’s thus ran bad. I run oxygenated VP 101 I mix w/30% 91. I buy it outta the pump in Parump. I think it’s the Shell Station on the main drag South of Terribles. Always $3 less per gal than the canned stuff. VP signs all over the place ya can't miss it. Runs fantastic with the recalled Evo Stage 1 flash that is reported to be equal performing to today’s Evo stage 2. Stays fresh for a year.
  15. Dive Bar Casanova

    Good Radiator advise needed.

    I’ll be surprised if GM still has one available. Ill check Later this week.
  16. Dive Bar Casanova

    Good Radiator advise needed.

    Yep that’s what Ill do. Truck still strong and worth investing in.
  17. Dive Bar Casanova

    2nd Fatality Thanksgiving Week

    May have been a situation where any cage would have folded up. The Ace is a really tipsy ride.
  18. Dive Bar Casanova

    Fatal SXS vs SXS accident today?

    River off road forums reporting an accident. Any other info?
  19. Dive Bar Casanova

    Fatal SXS vs SXS accident today?

    I hope it's not another too. Best way to stop rumors is get the facts out there in front of them.
  20. Dive Bar Casanova

    3 year old hit by buggy Halloween weekend

    Good to hear. Devastating. Sorry she and you all had to endure this. We’ve had a problem with camp racers coming through our campground and close calls with the kids circling on their mini quads. Day before Halloween we caught a close call camp racer and he got drum sets played on his head with fists.
  21. The first run for the pack leader since a front end demolishing, head over heals roll over a Razorback, lawn dart wreck on the previous trip.. It was a MFSOB getting his Rzr off the dunes. It was so bright the day of this video and just after a strong windstorm so we took it easy on this run. I have a dark sun filter on the camera that looks ok, but even with limo tinted goggles it was still hard to see. Much brighter than the video depicts. I'm driving my X3 RS with stock suspension that we think is fine. Brakes are Flintstone. On the X3 you have your foot on them halfway to the front shock and still ya wonder, so keeping a reasonable distance in mind prevents rear-enders. As I was editing out that dead spot in the middle of the video You Tube took their video editor down.shame, though it has goofy bugs in it it was a easy to use program.
  22. Dive Bar Casanova

    From quads to razr !!!

    Posted in wrong thread
  23. Dive Bar Casanova

    Will quads be phased out by side x sides?

    We have 3 YFZ 450's. Just keeping them until it's certain the kids no longer want to ride. I'm too old to ride anymore so I keep them for the kids. Wish I didn't sell the Yami 250. Buying a Polaris 50 next week. I was told Yamaha is the only company still making Sport Quads. SXS's saved our interest in duneing. Sand cars are too much car for me, the kids never showed an interest in them and the trophy trucks I want would be about $300K. X3RS really fits our style. Really like SxS's. Friend Igor designing a Trophy Truck like I'd want: Igor Building it: Igor crossing the road in it at the Mint 400: wOnvoXw_lq.mp4 We had ridden our YFZ 450’s to the Glamis Beach Bar. A guy and his wife drove up in the first Rzr we ever saw and told us they liked it better and sold their quads. Wife mentioned thatll be the future BFD. That week we bought a 800 and they were discounting them 20%. Was able to convince Dave at Fullerton sand tire to build us (order) us a custom machined set of wheels with a 5” outside offset and beadlocks and paddles. Dave argued the beadlock part but I insisted and they came a few weeks later. We were here one of the very rare Rzrs at DUMONT and a buggy guy at Comp really resented them and made his opinion known. Now it’s 90% Rzrs or SxS’s when we look around comp. I think they gave duneing and off roading a huge boost. Quads were beating us to death and we went Elka and all the suspension relief tricks. Lanes on the roads in Utah that are designated SxS, whole towns economies take a huge boost from SxS visitors. Moab for one + Marysville, Panguich and emerging SxS friendly places like Deadwood and Sturgis. Polaris sales jump another $1 billion dollars each year since it’s introduction. $5 yearly billion last I checked. It made the company. Our first Rzr and one of the very first Rzr 800s:
  24. Dive Bar Casanova


    Just cresting the hills near us. The air attack planes passing over head. No wind this morning. Yesterday evening: Spent some serious time this summer with the weed eater. We’re in ok shape but standing by with the dollar store hose and jack ass rigged water booster pump and a $10 Walmart nozzle that leaks. Spare no expense. Killed the Ryobi weed eater. Grenaded at about 25 sq yards. Echo makes the good ones. Powerful, reliable and they last year after year.
  25. Dive Bar Casanova

    Wrist / arm restraints

    Spent Thursday night with a friend in a full double Halo. Pins in his melon and neck, + shoulder, chest and back harness, he's been in it going on 9 months. A hell of a contraption. 9 months of misery with 6 more to go. Rolled his Honda Pilot and broke his neck. He said the steering wheel hand straps probably kept him from destroying his hands and arms. I'm all for safety stuff.