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  1. Holidays at DUMONT are great. You can arrive anytime and easily find a camp spot, the dune traffic isn’t that bad and Comp at night is excellent.
  2. $100.00 to Paypal. we're late sorry, we're been on the road 2 months. We hope you keep the site alive Pete.
  3. Just now read this. Can someone post the link? Thanks. Nevermind the link appeared. $100.00 from the wifie and me.
  4. We spent an hour Saturday checking out the Baker to Vegas runners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74OO9bfECiU&app=desktop
  5. Brother do Duramax trucks ever hold their resale value. Astonishing. Dmax Trucks are judged more by condition than mileage. We were shocked how much we were offered on a trade in, then the huge discount on the new truck. No brainer IMHO. We like the 2020's increased power, the feature that more net power is delivered to the rear wheels/4wd with the more efficient driveline, the towing mirrors and a dozen other items. Strong talk in the truck rags EGR will be gone in a few years. Supposed to be gone in this years Ram Cummins goes the tale.
  6. Good chance we'll roll in. Burn off the remaining race gas and firewood.
  7. We have a 2015 Dmax 3500 Dually we really like but when the 2020 becomes avail we like what we see and will trade it in on one. Interesting features:
  8. Lot's of windstorms have been blowing in from the Southeast in the past year. Makes big changes on the dunes and really replenishes them.
  9. We upgraded our Jet Pac at the Verizon Store in Parump and they mentioned the existing tower on Highway 127 had some up grades and additions done. Maybe that's what some are talking about causing some confusion. Damfino though. Our phones signal definitely got stronger. The new Jet Pac about the same signal but it'll be 5g ready if ever that hits in our lifetimes and it only cost $1 to upgrade on a special deal.
  10. Last evening we shut down the North Pole until sundown. MFSOB cold wind. Leaving this morning the sand seemed a bit tighter and it was an easier pull out. We’ll no doubt return for Presidents day.
  11. We’re thinking maybe a late afternoon run. Mixed weather reports.
  12. Over cast and chilly this morning. Accuweather says it’s 45f but seems much colder. Winds predicted for later. A noticeable amount of campers left yesterday. Some not getting Monday off we figure. Our camp will disperse Wednesday. Tonight we we cook the DUMONT ribs and dirty rice for everyone then onto comp hill for NYE. Guys with the headache and wallet burning Turbo YXZs have parked them and are once again hauling the family in their 4 seater Rzrs. If you’re considering a YXZ Turbo kit ya might want to talk to them first. They have seen the elephant. I know one model of the new 2019 YXZ has the beefed up connecting rods and a few other Turbo ready features on the engines. Also the Rzr lug pattern BTW. Clutch and mapping issues and a hole in the turbo housing this timeOut. I think they are flirting with $50 to $ $60k on these builds. The “Package” Turbo X3 RS sensational performance and runs dope. Strong winds hit just this minute.
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