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  1. Heyo all! I Picked up this "Reckless" Sand Car - I know the maker was on here at one time or another a few years back. I have been doing a bunch of updates to the car, it seems really solid but I'm looking for info - this one is an 06 or 07 car. I have not scaled it yet, but its big and heavy LOL. I would appreciate any info
  2. yessir! please merge my account if you can find it. I mentioned that problem a couple years back but then i had to re-apply so maaaaybe I'm retarded or something timed out since 2013 or whenever. ;^)
  3. Hello DDR, Been a member since 2013 but had to re-re-RE-register lol. This discussion is in regards to the National Parks Disabled pass and the California Veterans pass and why they're not accepted at but not limited to: Dumont Pismo El Mirage... Possibly more if "Special Fee" is clarified by anyone who may work or is close to BLM peeps would be greatly appreciated to see if I need to write a senator/congressman. Kinda funny when your passes say unlimited access and yet you're stuck with a "because we said so" at the entrance when even the rangers have no knowledge as to why it is that way. Thanks
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