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  1. Awesome! We’ll be there! After this past weekend, I know it will need the clean up! Trash everywhere you turned. Question...is the DDR having a camp location?
  2. For me, last season was the BIG upgrade! We went from the 33' 5th wheel toyhauler to the Class C Jayco with enclosed trailer. The new items for this season are... The Go Power! 170 Watt solar panel with charge control mounted inside the coach The Go Power! AGM-100 12V Battery. We've used it twice so far for short weekend trips. It's worked out great so far. We can't wait to try it out in the dunes for a nice 2-3 night stay. Then I will determine if I need more wattage to support my families needs for the weekend. The Jayco came with a 1000 watt inverter, I decided to keep that and we'll see if we need to upgrade the inverter next year...Maybe the 3000 watt unit LOL!
  3. I "upgraded" last year to a Jayco 29MVP Classs C. My Jayco has the Tritan V10 engine. I was planning on this "upgrade" a few years back and purchased an enclosed trailer. The trailer lenght is 24 feet. I haul a 5 seater buggy and 2 quads. I use a weight distrobution hitch to help with the tongue weight. So far I've had no issues and the V10 tows with no problems. I don't have any pics of my set up that I can upload right now.
  4. Damn GRILL! You're beautiful! I'll be stopping by to check out your curves!
  5. A few pics... Camp Some random shoots of random rides passing by...
  6. We are thinking about going this year...A few things to clean up and fix after NYE weekend, nothing major. We'll see...
  7. We had a great time! I still need to upload the photos from the camera and see what I have. I'll post up a few later on. @HawaiianstyleLV I saw your flags flying on the car but didn't know really. It was the Hawaiian flag that I saw. I believe it was over by vendor row or driving past. We camped out Northeast of vendor row on the ridge over looking the pay station just west of the Ranger Station.
  8. Make it happen, Captain!
  9. That is a bad ass flag for a memorial plaque! I have one similar in my house, just a flag. Sure hope no one messes with it!
  10. An actual grader that was posted up at the Ranger Station. I saw it out twice over the NYE weekend along with the water truck. The road was very smooth on the way out on NYD. I was able to drive the post 25 MPH without the MH vibrating the cabinets open!
  11. Well, made it out! A little later than we wanted but we are here! Made it late Saturday night. So far great weather! If anyone is around we are camped next to the Ranger Station on the ridge over looking the pay station. Class C Jayco with a enclosed trailer, red sand car, and 2 quads. Stop and say hi! Brady
  12. This is a posting from 2012...I would think not, but you never know.
  13. So far all is going good! The plan is to leave earlier Saturday morning and be at Dumont by 12 noon. 3-4 hour drive for us. Then leave Monday afternoon, after the mobs mass exit in the morning. We'll get a good morning/afternoon ride in before we leave! @dunefreak you going to be out for New Years?
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