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  1. Im hoping its done too, lol. See you Halloween weekend regardless.
  2. Made a donation, can't say enough how much Kim and I appreciate you guys getting me back to camp last year. Thanks for all you do man! Rick10
  3. My group Wednesday thru Sunday, can't wait!!
  4. Everyone out there I'm sorry for this getting out of hand and I see now you can't fix stupid but you should be able to get rid of it!!
  5. Sorry about that Joe Duner, It was silly didn't mean to hijack your post, I'm not going to make it I'm getting a new front end on the Rail :freakin_nuts:
  6. Sorry I can't agree with you on any of your sentiments or even respect your point of view , if any of those people I mentioned had truly succeeded in all of their efforts and their way of thinking, America would not have been great for EVERYONE and I highly doubt it would be truly the land of the FREE. I enjoy coming to this board and I enjoy the dunes and everyone I've met there have been the most hospitable and nicest people I could ever imagine. Just good people awesome food and a great time. The comment that started this thing was crude, and insensitive, Nobody has to be stupid about anything........ the select few just choose to. You have a Happy Holiday too.,
  7. Ur right, I'm gonna celebrate James Earl Ray, Strom Thurmond, and Robert E lee going to HELL DAY!! AMERICA IS GREAT!! LOL Different strokes for different folks is one thing, but just being stupid is for a select few. IMHO
  8. What's that supposed to be funny?
  9. I can't go my buggy's down for 6 freagin wks!!! :ahhhhh: Rick
  10. I'm located in Rosamond CA, near Edwards AFB. Thanks for the offer though I really appreciate it, I'm going to have the front end hacked off completely and install an A-arm suspension I guess this is as good as time as any! Rick
  11. He doesn't have deep pockets, but they are deep enough to repair this I think! lol
  12. Thanks.... Anybody got a 4 seat chassis they wanna sell? :B Rick
  13. It was a man and woman and they both had a matching set of rhino's or razors, They also had a busa sandrail in their campsite that belonged to the wife. I can't believe we never got their names we talked to them for atleast an hour! I guess in the excitement of what happened it never crossed our minds And yes I will only dune at Dumont from now on you can't beat having people like that around you! Rick
  14. Hi all, I was at Dumont this off-weekend from Friday to Sunday morning, and we had a wonderful time, Awesome runs and good food. We were just about to pack it in and go home, when I let my partner go for "one more ride" in my rail..... Well 5 minutes later I see my rail doing a somersault 4 cartwheels and a piroutte then land on it's back!!! After we could get our legs to moving and make it out to the crash site, there was this wonderful couple already on the scene helping my partner and his buddy out of the upside down car (they were both fine)! We got the car turned back over and they went out of their way to get us the things we needed along with finally towing us back to our camp site and helping us put the car on our trailer. I feel they went above and beyond to help us and we all just want to say THANK YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!! I didn't get their names but they were from Apple Valley and I hope that I will be able to get back out to Dumont on Thanksgiving because they said they would be there. P.S. The only payment they asked for was to PAY IT FORWARD!! And I will most definitely do that! Rick
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