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    2018 Maverick X-3
    Old school dirt/sand rail. Chenowth Need to sell! Lol
    2008 attitude toy hauler
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  1. Two09sixone43939. Text is best. Looking to buy paddles or sell it Chenoweth with New 1915 motor. Send contact text and I will send pics. Thanks
  2. Hey there. Any one going or gone to the KOH race out at Johnson Valley? Camped? Looking for some advice on best camping areas and best spectator areas. First time goin. Help me out! Thanks
  3. Looking for a set of paddles for my old school vw rail with 15" rims. Hoping to roll out to the buggy round up gig. Thanks, paul
  4. Lookin to connect with some Trump supporters for viral video to film Halloween weekend 10/30-11-1 at Dumont. Costumes, popular sci fy fantasy desert sand dune theme. Can you figure it out? it will go viral right before election. It will be a classic. Funny entertaining etc... Message me!!! need costume wearers, designers, camera folks, lighting directors, set builders, car/float fabricators, go pros are great, etc. it can go simple or over the top. I got an idea. Sand rigs included. Message me if your interested. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas to make it great. Everyone there who sees it live will video it and post it. Guaranteed!!! Disclaimer: This is not sponsored or an anyway affiliated and are not the views and beliefs of the Dumont Dune Riders group. I’m just a dune rider at Dumont wearing a costume for Halloween looking for some friends who like the same. .
  5. Any special events or .... Thanksgiving week and weekend?
  6. Hey I got in sat Eve just before the sunset. Headed to comp. first time here on Halloween Sat night. All in all good times except: Few of the usual knuckle heads. Big trucks with drunk families pulling within feet and sometimes inches of other vehicles parked and enjoying the crazy scene. One group with a few 4 seat sxs’s backed into a family ‘s sand car rail who were calmly enjoying the freak show siting in chairs in front of their rail. Then bam, the rail lurches forward. We all turn around to see the guy trying to get it in gear and pull away while still against the rail. When the Father calmly and and I mean calmly approaches the 4 seater to point out the damage they guy still try’s to pull away. Too much parade traffic boxed him in. When now confronted, And after animated discussion with the father he proceeded to gather 10 witnesses to try and lie their way out of the bender as the rear of the rail was damaged. A group of us kept a close eye on the situation making sure the guy, his wife and 2 kids were not intimidated, or scared into dropping the case, or set upon by the phony lying witnesses. It was tense for a bit as the crowd gathered around the family. Waiting for 5 O to come by the group/ driver finally agreed to pay for their damages and an hour negotiation/ stand off was over. It was harsh to see that mob/gang mentality at such a family friendly gig especially around this family. The wife said they would never be back on a busy weekend. Other than that, a few drunken twerker sand in the face break dancers lol kept the line.up entertained. Props to Miss PAC Man and the rangers. Great job by the rangers putting up with the crazies, and going with the flow!!! All while keeping the peace. Got some video. Clueless how to shrink it so it will load. Lol
  7. Thanks. But I got a set in Vegas off Craigslist last night at midnight. Long nite but scored. Thanks. Car is the Straight turbo. Got 28’s.
  8. Looking to buy either 28” or 30” paddles and fronts, full wheels and tires or just tires for my 18 mav x3 turbo. Thanks !
  9. Pa Ulko Val


    Hit the sand today for a little solo time. All quiet. A little tracked. Great weather. Light breeze. The road in : I’m new here so it’s WASHBOARD!!! Shook something loose on my old rig though, and guess what? Now it’s now running better!!!LOL hope to make Halloween Weekend. Cell tower update. Not operational today.
  10. I picked up my season holiday pass Saturday at the Kawasaki shop in Pahrump.
  11. Looks and sounds like a great season opener. Thanks tor the pics! I gotta ask. How was the road in?
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