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    Anything Offroad, Dunes,Dunes and more Dunes! Shooting, Camping, Family, Taking the kids out and doing things with em, Friends, Rock crawling, 4X4 Muddin, Exploring mines, Etc... Just going out and enjoying life.. Dunes.. Desert..

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  1. Yep.. Be careful what you say here.. Their are some very sensitive duners on this site.. Even a few tough guys.. lol.. Im glad someone else see's that the BLM doesn't do much for our riding areas.. We went out last weekend for a day and a night.. Was a lot of fun.. I still stand by my orignal comments..
  2. I have gone to a few of the blm meetings and have got now where.. Im voicing my thoughts about the blm.. If you want to voice yours on how Im so bad than thats your right also.. Thanks for making my point stronger.. Everybody give Terry a big .. Your DDR's offical BLM spokesman now. Good job! Glad to see wee still have life left on DDR.. It was getting a little quiet there for a minute.. As for going to Dumont, We have been going for years with no problems.. We had a few bad BLM runins in the Johnson Valley area not so long ago.. Maybe We can get Terry to straighten things out with em.. Go get em TERRY!!
  3. Wow... Iv hit a nerve..lol.. So.. You think I would be the First B***h to complain and that the goverment owes me..?? Is that right!?!? Listen up Slick!! Iv done more than my part for the goverment and our country. As for showing disrespect towards Law Enforcement.. The officer that was in our camp had my 10 year old crying over a F**king reg sticker.. He was way out of line to say the least.. I have been in Law Enforcement for 8+ years and I know first hand how to deal with kids.. He did not.. So why dont you lighten up ... . I feel the BLM should be reviewed by an outside L.E. agency and some of the officers retrained. Its not right for that officer to blow up on kids for not having proof of Registration on an off road vehicle, Than threaten to take their bikes away.. Yelling this... Save your Hero B.S.! Im glad you feel the need to voice your concerns and stand up for the BLM... They need tough guys like yourself on their side..Defending their actions. Hope you never have to deal with one of their unprofessional officers.. Thanks for your BLM support.. They need it..
  4. The last few years we were going to Dumont I must of forgot to buy my pass.. The B.L.M. and there B.S. with the pass programs.. I pay more in taxes than some people make in a year, all the bikes, quads and toys are reg current.. Were tired of the fees.. I got a ticket on the windsheld on my truck last year for not having a Forest Adventure Pass in my own mountains that I live in.. I threw it away and NOTHING has happened in over a year.. Those pass programs are a JOKE! I had the B.L.M. come into our camp at the "King Of The Hammers" race a few weeks ago harassing my Girl friend and her and my kids checking our quads for current reg stickers.. I got back just in time to help with providing the officer with our current paperwork.. Than contacted his watch commander on how unprofessional that joke of a "cop" was.. Im sorry but I have no use for the B.L.M. Their just fake desert cops.. Jokes at that !! They should go out and see what REAL Cops do for a living.. LOL!
  5. Nice rig set up... Good luck selling it... Ya never know ... Theres one born every day.. You might get lucky!
  6. Thats awsome!! Were glad the the lil tough guy is home!! He must of gone through hell gettin to Ft. Irwin.. 150+ Miles in 14 days .. WOW!!
  7. I did my own paperwork this last year for my divorce... Was kind of easy.. Getting rid of a 22 year NIGHTMARE B#%*H is the best thing I could ever do for myself!!! Go to your local court house and ask the clerk about divorce paperwork and how to do it yourself... Your friend will be suprised how easy it can be.. If he wants he can message me and I will help as much as I can with what I did, What to expect and how to finish it off in court.. Having a Nagging, Stupid, Lazy b*tch that just takes the fun out of EVERYTHING and works hard at keeping you broke really takes it out you after a while.. LOL.. I found that it took giving her the broken down house and the junk I left behind made it easy to agree on paper and in court. Once you 2 can agree on most everything you set it in the court paperwork and if you 2 agree in court the judge will sign the divorce off and your done... Try to keep that B*#%H happy until the divorce is final... Than you can start dating her friends like I did.. LOL !! That starts a whole new set of problems tho... Good luck!!
  8. Dune Dad

    Thats a good loop. Looks like good times.
  9. Nice rims... Should sell for sure... Try posting it in North Town... LOL!
  10. I am selling my 7x16 ft Carson trailer. I bought it in 06. It has 5 trips to dumont on it from Big Bear, Ca .... Thats about 1100 miles.. THATS IT!! Trailer has the following: \ 2 5/16 Ball Hitch Wood 2x8 deck boards Trailer Tounge goes to the front axle. Trailer Brakes on back axle Full gate/Ramp Spare Tire Color:Silver Plates are Ca trailer Perm. Have pink. Trailer has been taken care of. Not bent or beat up at all. Fenders have a few scratches and chips thats it. I am looking to sell it to go toward buying a 8x20 enclosed trailer. Asking $1800.00. I paid $2350.00 from Carson 4 years ago. Have paper work. Give me a call if you have any questions. Cell (951)897-2411. I will put up pix later.
  11. The Semi Truck was a Stolen rental from a local yard.It was Only the Tractor/Truck Not a trailer. The truck was found a few blocks away with nowbody around. The officer did not a shot off!! The Dash Cam got a shot of the driver... Not easy to make out the driver.
  12. A Riverside Police officer was shot and killed last night during a car stop that turned into a foot presuit. Around 9:45 Sunday night Officer Ryan Bonaminio stopped a Semi thought to be involved in a hit and run along Market St near the 60Fwy. The truck continued a few blocks than stopped next to Fairmount Park. The driver of the Semi jumped out and ran into the dark park. The officer followed on foot. A fire fight was herd shortly after. The Semi driver than ran back to the semi and drove off into the night. Responding officers found the down officer in the park. The officer was transported to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect is still on the run. The only discription of the suspect is a Male wearing Dark Clothing. Unknown Race, Build or Make of the Truck. I hope the officer called out the trailer plate to dispatch before he went into foot pursuit.... Officer Bonaminio was a four year veteran of the department and a U.S. Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. My Prayers go to his family and friends.... I hope the suspect is caught SOON!!
  13. Looks like another great Halloween at Dumont!! We went to Johnson Valley, Ca.. Had fun!! Cant wait to get to the Big D!!
  14. Yes you can carry your weapon state wide with a CCW. Follow the rules and remember it is a CONCEALED WEAPON... You would be shocked how many abuse their CCW's by carring the side arm under a tight T-Shirt or even getting a DUI while it is in the car.. As for carring a Unloaded Firearm on your side with a load mag on the other side of your belt... Thats a fast way to be arrested and have a Felony Weapons Charge on you. The ammo needs to be out of the mag and away from the gun. There has been a few people carry aroung guns on their hip around thow but they always get Extra Attention from Law Enforcement. Just get your CCW the right way and be safe with it. It is kind of a pain to carry around a gun all the time. I can carry any time, anywhere but choose not to most of the time. Once you tace the CCW class you get an idea what the Libilitys you are stepping in to.. How ever I feel EVERY Law Abiding Citizen should have a weapon and be able to carry to protect themselves and their familys. To many have given all to keep our 2nd Amendment rights...
  15. Dune Dad


    We wont be making Dumont this year.. We have been going for Halloween the last 5 years. Im taking the kids to Johnson Valley, Ca Out near Barstow and Lucern Valley.. Its closer and a lot cheaper!! Gunna suck not gettin the sand this year...
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