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  1. Lol, looks like the site took a crap a few days ago. Humming along nicely currently.
  2. Yep, Xmas miracle. Site is online now.
  3. The neighboring site 10 miles northwest in Ibex Pass is now online. I'm guessing that site will provide some coverage at Dumont until the new site is online, which should be any day. It is the site that feeds the microwave connectivity to the new Dumont site.
  4. It is very close. I see the site's transport is up and the radios are built into the cell site router. That's about as far as I can see with my access into the site. I don't see any traffic on it yet. Hopefully they fire up the radios anytime and open it up. After waiting almost two years, and following the progress internally with AT&T, I'm bummed my trip out for Thanksgiving got cancelled due to covid exposure at my son's school. I hope the site is up for the rest of you that make it out for Thanksgiving week. Although its a 400mb site, stay off Netflix so regular service works fo
  5. Dunemasters and SandPipers are always going to be there. Drag's scheduled for Friday around 10, Hill Climb Saturday around 10.
  6. I've been following the progress internally at AT&T. Some of the equipment that I've been keeping an eye on has recently changed from Planned to Active, which is a good thing, but the actual connectivity isn't established to the site yet. I just talked to an engineer and today they are attempting to get the microwave connectivity working. Crossing fingers for on air by Thanksgiving.
  7. AT&T is in progress, should be live by Halloween at the latest. Crossing my fingers.
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