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  1. My new rig came with a Go-Power 200 watt solar panel and a power inverter.  I used to run my generator constantly on my old rig without solar,  now I only run the generator when I have to use the microwave or AC.  Everything else is ran straight up on 2- 12v batteries. I leave my panel in "recharge boost" mode starting from the morning until night fall. I run my 40" TV that draws about 140 watts for about 3-4 hrs a day. I can go all weekend without any issues.  Would never go back to not having solar.

  2. I've had the same issue with aftermarket radiators on my truck.  Make sure the rubber mounts on the top and bottom of the radiator are still good and soft (to absorb vibration).  Even then, aftermarket radiators may only last that long.  A full aluminum construction unit would be your strongest.  However if you have to stick with stock replacement, KOYO does pretty well for trucks.

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  3. Coming from quads and jeeps, now on to a 2016 RZR1000 xp4.  I've gone all over the dunes, up and down, unstoppable on my YFZ450 quad.  Just not sure how to take these in a SXS?? 

    Basic newbie questions:

    1.  How well do they handle with stock tires in the dunes?  I've read to keep them at 12 psi, but others tell me 20 psi?  

    2.  What's the best way to maneuver through the dunes, big bowls, etc... with this setup?

    3.  How to not get stuck in a bad spot?

    4.  How to keep from rolling over (or breaking something) during transitions, surprise drop offs, witch eyes, and blind whoops while on the gas???

    5.  Are paddle tires really worth it, and if so, will only paddles in the rear be OK, and stock tires in the front?


    Thanks DDR community, I know a lot of you guys run these SXS!



  4. I use mine out there every year.  I use a tripod and just level it with the built in bubble sight glass; from there, bury the legs so the wind doesn't take it down.  Set the receiver to the visible and audible strength meter and turn up the volume on your TV.  Slowly begin to rotate the dish pointing south-west, and there you go!  You'll here and see the strength meter begin to pulse rapidly once you start going over 80% signal strength.  Enjoy KickOff!  I'll be right out there watching too!

  5. Anyone know if att has stepped up their service there? I just looked at their coverage maps and they claim 4glte in dumont. And Verizon only claims 3g in the camp areas, 4glte everywhere else. If I remember correctly it was only Verizon there with spotty service. My wife and I have both providers so looking to see which would work best and if a cell booster would work for one of them (if needed)?

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