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  1. Well guys thanks to both of you for the great help. Before and after pics
  2. Yeah it happened on both sides, but my guess was that the drums are old. Came off a 57. Good luck to me finding a pair. So that’s why I just bought the conversion quick. what studs do you guys recommend?
  3. @IrnBear @SandBox_Kid i ordered that brake kit. What lug nuts or studs should I go with. same lug nuts but with those washers or just say screw it and go with studs
  4. @SandBox_Kid @IrnBear i ran those and with these lug nuts and still had the same issues. Is it because the wheel is too thick or what.
  5. @SandBox_Kid thank you. Just ordered the kit
  6. @SandBox_Kid was there anything that needed to be done to swap over to disks
  7. Sup guys hope someone can help me out or point at the correct direction. I bought this dune buggy with a type 1 tranny and swing axle. But the moment I switch over to the sand wheels and tires the lug studs keep falling off (tighten with pressure) Some say wheel is too thick or needed longer lug studs please help. Shop told me they are 57’ and lower year drums
  8. Hey guys, selling the vw sand buggy/sandrail Fresh built 1600cc vw engine, comes with extra set of wheels and paddles. Runs and drives with no problem. Everything is new was built by Lizard Motorsports in Downey It’s in the middle of process with Dmv/CHP for registration. It was a fresh construction Located in Downey,CA 4500 obo
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