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ktm love73

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  1. Sad news unfortuneitly I had a classmate pass away due to meningitis it's so sad I cried all day I miss him so much. I hate that people have to die I hate it. RIP I cried typing this it's just so sad. Ok I heard bad news today my friend from church passed away today so very sad.
  2. Whats up Sam How are you?

  3. oh gosh she sent me a spam message too ack.
  4. welcome to the site Rich I hope you enjoy the site.


  5. Welcome Marie

  6. welcome Denisse glad to have you hear.

  7. Hello Dirtbikeguy

    1. DirtBikeGuy


      whats up bud


  8. I tried figure 8 racing in a go cart once it was really fun when i did it for the first time i screamed in my helmet once because i was so happy and excited. i was riding in a go kart that was made for going off road also going fast made me excited.
  9. I think so David but I'm not sure. But I wish I could visit Dumont Dunes but I Don't travel in the spring as much as I do in the summer.
  10. um no were not even supposed to get together or rally because of coronavirus but if it comes to getting someone banned good luck. lol
  11. I had a friend who went to Dumont dunes for Thanksgiving his name is Albert.
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