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  1. 23’ Ragen’ Toyhauler XTRA Lite FS2300 -Blue/Grey/White Exterior with Tan/Grey Interior -4000 Onan generator with low hours -two door large fridge/freezer -fuel pump station -75 gallon fresh water tank -private bathroom -sleeps 6-8 -microwave/convection oven -front sleeper -rear dual electric queen bed -front queen bed -two side by side sofa/sleepers -3-burner stove top -am/fm/cd stereo with interior & exterior speakers -separate lavy sink with mirror -13.5 btu a/c heater -large awning -30 amp service, double axle -spare tire, stabilizer jacks in all 4 corners -large exterior pass-thru storage -2 12 volt marine batteries -12 volt battery disconnect switch -exterior front ladder UPDATE 2/9/11 Asking Price $17,000 $12,000 Contact: Jeremy Berquist (661) 575-5282 or jeremywberquist@gmail.com http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0731/14.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0730/13.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0729/12.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0728/11.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0727/10.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0726/9.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0725/8.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0724/7.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0723/6.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0722/5.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0721/4.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0720/3.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0719/2.JPG http://pickhost.eu/view/0004/0718/1.JPG
  2. Great weekend...almost got hit by some dumbass in a white Suzuki that jumped without spotters...fvcker didn't speak any English either...couldn't understand a word I said...Had I been 6" over my my right, he would've hit me.. I was glad that I restrained myself and didn't punch him in the face... On a side note, I guess I'm getting old because I got tired of my own loud music early on...had to turn the volume down on my DJ speakers from 40 (max) to 30 an sometimes 25....I don't want to grow up...
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHA... ...I think I could produce a bigger roost just by sitting on my quad and . HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA
  4. If so, how do you like? Is it reliable? On paper, it seems like they have better coverage than Verizon.
  5. Update: Right punctured lung Right collapsed lung Right broken ribs Partially broken neck Injured collar bone Injured back He's on a ventilator and heavily medicated but will recover. Thank you all again for your help!
  6. My truck was the truck onto which you guys loaded the quad. Thanks!
  7. Sorry I missed you Nik! We'll catch up next time!
  8. Thanks Foxysandchick...I can't emphasize enough how grateful we are for everyone's help! I'm really speechless right now and really am having difficulty expressing my feelings in words.
  9. We are all extremely grateful he survived the jump and we expect him to be better in no time! You guys are just like us...stand up group of people! It really is unfortunate that we have not yet met and partied! I'm sorry if your sweet rail suffered a few nicks or scratches but I promise that we will make it up to you next season when we return for Halloween weekend! :chug: :6pak: :drunk2:
  10. CaptNkllm, I see you're online...thank you for your help sir...we owe you....
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