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  1. congrats to you guys hope you enjoy it!
  2. cool thanks for posting that up we will deff be there with the youngin !
  3. hi!

    1. indasand


      Free tickets and didn't go to the race?????

    2. dunefreak


      what a jackass! lol

  4. wow he does look like him !
  5. I've talked to them seem like good peeps ! and willing to deal on prices !
  6. If you leave dog food out (DON'T).
  7. i know who it is and he likes to drive an old school chevy !!!!!!!
  8. looks like u had something to do with making the yellow banner !
  9. So i got that weekend off and fo shizzle is gonna be there for some good old bbq grub Just one question is there gonna be a autograph booth and where & whos's gonna be signing autographs ( Dunefreak, duniemonkie , dunesmurf , captkllm , desertskyz , vegastyle , wingnut etc ! ) i so can't wait ! :surrender:
  10. OK shut it down the economy just can't support a gun store on ddr ! sorry for the laughs but does anyone have two tickets to the gun show at cashman field ?
  11. Who effin cares about some guy spiking another he's a man leave him alone !
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