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  1. It was a great weekend. Looking forward to President’s Day Weekend!
  2. So, I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d post now. Our weekend was pretty awesome!! Small group, just my family and a buddys family. It was his first time out in his new sand rail and my 11 year old sons first time on the “big boy” quad. All went well, nothing broke, my son did awesome, and I met some cool people. Even ran into Joe Duner at Veterans Hill on Sunday!! The crowd was a good size, not too big. The road in was good. The weather was awesome, although I don’t know about Monday because we left Sunday at 4:30 for the trek home. We do plan on being there for Prez Day and h
  3. Hey everybody, I'm in need of an Off-On-On toggle and I can't seem to find one. The switch in my sand car is bad and needs replacing. What it does is my buggy whip on the first "on", then my buggy whip along with my gauge lights and tail lights. Anyone know where I can order one online or an automotive shop?? Thanks!
  4. Well for the first time back to Dumont in 3 years, we had a great time!! The weather was great, except for Sunday and the wind. That's what made us leave on Sunday as opposed to Monday. But no worries, a good time was had!! Here are some pics...... Our little camp.... Around the fire and somebody likes telling me I'm number one.... My son got some quality seat time...... Blown away by all the lighted whips. Wasn't like this back in the day. My daughter and I ready for the dune ride of the day.....
  5. I'm selling my sons 2006 Yamaha TTR50. Minus some scratches on the fenders, the bike is in pristine condition. It has 3 gears, no clutch, a throttle limiter, just serviced, green stickered through 2018, I have title in hand, & is a great beginner bike! I am located in Santa Clarita Valley, Ca.. Email me at speedy454545@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks!!
  6. I saw it and was like whoa!!!! Had to take a pic!!
  7. Saw this while pulling into the parking lot at my work and thought I'd share. Rock on Dumont Dune Riders!!!
  8. Here are some pics of my trip out. I know it's a few weeks late, but having my gallbladder removed after my trip, haven't exactly had time to put up some pics. But here ya go..... My son and I rollin' out..... Our little camp..... My wife and son hangin' at Comp Hill..... A view from the top of Comp.... I think I forgot something...... My daughter gettin' it done..... I see campers..... Thanks for a great time Dumont!!!!! Nobody got hurt, everybody had great time, the weather couldn't have been better, and looking forward to next time!!!!
  9. Had an awesome trip!!! The weekend was great!! Great weather, great friends, and great times!! I haven't been to Dumont in 2 years and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend to return!!!
  10. I've been going to Dumont since October 1999 and this past weekend that road was in the best condition I've ever seen it in!!! Awesome job guys!!!
  11. Been over a year!! Hello Prez Day Weekend!!!

  12. Missing Dumont!!!!

  13. I'm definitely interested!!! If Tday goes good, I may just squeak out there for this!!!
  14. Need me some Dumont!!!

  15. I'm just wondering why in the hell would anyone be standing out there during this time in order to get this picture?? No Thanks!!!!!
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