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  1. Very sad to hear! Thoughts and prayers for his family. RIP Bert.
  2. Posting for a close friend. Jordan Kundert had a severe dirt bike accident on may 10 causing spinal damage. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during his long recovery. If would like to check on his progress or contribute to his fundraiser please visit the link below. -T Gofundme.com/92tpy0 -Thanks DDR!
  3. Really thin side wall. Would not recommend them for the trails in the local area. Ok in sandy condtions though.
  4. Yeah it wasn't a "dry lake bed" That's for sure but the dirt was awesome.son had a blast riding till 1130 under the light setup. Ended up having to unhook the hauler and pull a guy out of the lake due to a lack of judgment. " well it didn't look that bad then uhohhh" Been there before Lol!
  5. Wutup Pete! Slap a paddle on the Orange thing will ya! For sure I'm up for any weekend this season! Hooked up the hauler heading to the Sloan dry lake bed for overnight camping bbq drinks and letting the lil man Ride his lil heart out. Late!
  6. Lost but hope to find my ddr 2wheelin crew buddies this season! I've been lost on a strange and tough trail the past couple of years or so but have resurfaced a new and improved man lol. Good times and friends like these guys are hard to come by these times and should never be taking advantage of! Ill man up and apoligize for my past selfish behavior! Hope to find these guys (they know who they are) out at the dunes or a TT sometime! -Tony
  7. Anybody run these yet? I got a set for the teryx as they were the closest to the stock width front and rear and height for a 12" rim and at a good price, $255 for all 4 from Rocky Mtn. 6ply bias wich the maxxis stockers are only 2ply in the front. Will see how they hold up for deer, upland and dumont season.
  8. Well be there too! Section 125 row 10 c ya there! -T
  9. Happy to report that his Rhino was found and recovered last night with only minor damage to the ignition and roll bar. Police have the names of who where involved as well -T
  10. FYI, the owner is offering a reward for any information leading to the recovery of his machine. Anybody with any info can PM me, thanks! -T
  11. Off topic SORRY!...yes I'm alive...somedays it's ?able though
  12. I just bought a set of the rocky mountians for my 1/2 ton z71 chevy (265-75-16) and so far so good. They look aggresive enough with a good tread design. 50k warranty, 10 ply and not a bad price either. -T
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