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  1. I know the triple from Utah never got beat. I was not the one claiming that we beat everyone.I have a 20 mil that I will play follow the leader with. How come everyone gets faster after the races??????
  2. Another error has occurred. He was faster than you but not the fastest at the hill.
  3. Bruce put a picture on here so he knows your not one of the fast bikes.
  4. That is always a problem for slower bikes no one will race them.He hit a rock and ruined a front tire and rim.
  5. You should of raced some of the others.There would of been more than ONE that you would of got beat by.
  6. A fast banshee would scare you and then both of us would be watching.lol Are you guys talking about racing the hill on presidents weekend or the 70 cc regatta????????????????? You might be competitive with the regatta bikes.
  7. No,my son started a new job and won't be able to get any days off. Maybe i can find a jockey.lol
  8. No,I don't ride the banshees are to fast and I am scared. I need to buy your bike so I am going slower and I won't be scared.
  9. Talking crap is like racing you. Your to easy to beat.
  10. That looks like him when he is talking about his 4 poke.
  11. I am sure you have invested alot of your time and money for us to have a great site to enjoy. Maybe it is time for a membership cost or donations to help improve the DDR.
  12. Livetodrag You should know that anybody that owns a banshee tags or leaves trash. WE got there about 4 pm and the signs and toilets were already done. Maybe it was done on a different day or lets blame the night drag people aka Banshee owners.
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