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  1. I agree with you Jill it's all about skeet-skeet and blowing hot fire and of course some . Great trip, met alot of good people and look forward to hanging out again.
  2. No, I think it is just the angle the picture was taken from, everything is stock
  3. What is the best 50cc dirt bike out these days
  4. I just picked up an older yamaha 2-stroke quad for my kids and it has an oil injection sysytem, and was wondering if anyone knows what I need to do to bypass it and use pre-mix.
  5. Im in, hope to meet some of you this trip
  6. I will be there, I will be the drunk guy sleeping on the flatbed trailer. Hope to meet some of you this time :shocked2:
  7. I'll be there sounds like a good chance to meet some of you and till we
  8. Can't wait, lets do this
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