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Big Red

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    Ford F-350 Dual Turbo 2008
    Cyclone 4012 Toyhauler
    Sandrail w/ 2180 VW Dual 44's, standard travel at the momnent.
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  1. they are saying at least a good 10 yrs till a turnaround once we hit bottom. still have a year or 2 till we hit bottom.
  2. i am trying to bypass the dmv so yes i am using a service that does the reg for me. they are still working on an answer if they can do it or not. should get a call today.
  3. well, not figured out completely. i do have most of my options laid out. just not so sure which one to take yet. seems that even if i do the MH conversion in Cali that there still stands a chance i will get rejected. i might have someone thats a vin verifier who might do it. just waiting for the answer. if that doesnt work out might consider out of state reg. so eventually when this is all done. i will be so darn happy and ready to go . havent hit the sand yet this season.
  4. hey bob word is they smartened up to that and arent so easy to get it pass. i am working on that angle though, bob. many thanks again to everyone for their help.
  5. yeh i am on escapees now. just found it. thank you for everyones help. this is not turning out so well unfortunately. will get er figured out though.
  6. they wont require a BIT on the 5th wheel. but they will still require a BIT on the tractor if i am understanding it right. :hungry:
  7. if you could get some more info i would appreciate it. guess i shoulda checked into all this before i got the semi. just sorta was in a pinch cause having to give up the ford.
  8. wow this is turning out to be a pain in de a$$. lol i might have to hit you up on the BIT inspection deal. this all just really sucks. damn california. i really appreciate the offer of help. seems like they also have a deal where you get it cheaper if you have under 3 trucks in the fleet. well dont have a fleet. lol only have one truck. so yeh, guess i need to figure out everything i need for this BIT deal.
  9. I am in California. is he is Nevada? thank you bp guy for the reply. yeh i couldnt even get that out of him. he was so insisted on busting my bubble and telling i had to go through all this stuff. i hope its not just a cali thing. btw hope you and and your family are well.
  10. just bought a semi tractor to pull my 5th wheel. registered it with the dmv as private, but it still says commercial cause of the weight of the truck. got my CA number and my DOT # and about to stick it on the truck. well, someone at the dmv said you needed to have some other writing on the side of the truck. so i call the CHP to find out exactly what i need. so this guy tries to tell me i have to register in the BIT program, get inspections, yada yada. So i tell him no way, this is a private use vehicle. so basically we butted heads a bit and finally he agreed to do more research and call me back. HELP!!!!!! what am i missing here? will i have to do this BIT stuff? keep logs and everything?!?!? hoping someone in california can help me out. many many thanks in advance. btw sorry i havent called you bob. i been way outta the loop trying to get ready for the coming mess ahead. just might have found me some land and once that is all squared away i will be out playing again.
  11. what exactly do you guys mean when you say chop the throttle? wanna make sure i dont make this mistake.
  12. looks like i might get to go. is it usually really busy on turkey week? might get around to calling bob back also. been crazy busy on this end and stressing out. sorry bout that bob. not avoiding ya. looking forward to my first sand fix this year. man o man i really need it.
  13. that has to be the baddest rail i have ever seen. the view from the front is just plain, amazing.
  14. hey bob i am here. you called at 2 really bad times today. one while i was sleeping, and another while driving and there was a state trooper right next to me. i will give you a call back tomorrow or the next day. might be too late to call now. been OK. i actually jumped on the board a couple days ago to see how its goin. dont have any trips planned yet but you know how that goes. got a couple really good trips in at the end of the year last year. finally got the quads out on the sand and i am hooked. looking for me a semi now to pull my rig right now. maybe keep yer ears open for me. i am looking to trade out my rail with some cash if need be. oh and have i mentioned? hope everyone had a great off season.
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