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  1. asss.bmpasssss.bmpasssssss.bmpa$$.bmpI have a relay controling the power to the pump. Then I have a momontary button to the solinoids. Easy, breezy, beutiful, honker! I did scare a group of gutter punk rockers(real grungy slim punkers )they got mad and actually tried to run after me. The funny stuff is that I was driving by at like 55 so they ran for like 20 seconds for nothing?! hahaha 1/2" Lines, Unknown Swapmeet Compressor, 3-5 gallon tank, 1/2" Solinoids fast valve. This is a cool little hooter.
  2. Thanks Guys! I found this guy! He is a Mod at another famouse website. I cant belive it.
  3. I agree 100% The 4 pokes have made a mark I am in the process of building a R1 mini rail. I like 4 stroke 2
  4. Ive seen a certian 18mm go 94. I have read this whole enchilada. The faster the streetbike quads go the heavier they get. The Faster the 2-strokes got the lighter they get. Plus the design of the engines alone. A 2 stroke makes power in 2 strokes where as a 4stroke makes it in ??? 4! I dunno. My money is on the big 2strokes.
  5. Hello DDR This is in regard to Eastcoastracing1 on eBay (John) Payment Method: PayPal Date of Payment: 07/31/08 Have not recieved title. I won an auction for a yfz450 chassis/frame from member eastcoastracing1. With this deal he was to send me the title/pink slip (basic) which he never did. I got suspicious after I could not find a Vin# anywhere on this frame nor a pink slip in sight although there is fresh powder coating, I tried to imprint the section where the Vin number would be (wax paper and a nickel rubbed over the area to make an inprint..It works). He has been stringing me along through messages that he can not find the Title. I waited and nothing. As far as negative feedback... He purposely strung me along to burn up the 60 day period (stupid me for not noticing sooner). Now I have a yfz450 frame that I can not use or sell due to no Title or no Vin#'s. To top it off before I even bid he assured me that he had "the title in hand" which to me means.... Its in his hand!?. I guess to him it means he thinks he has it. Basically at this point in time his last message was that I should try and part it out since Racers don't care about titles or Vin#???. LOL Anybody need a boat anchor? I even scratched off the area for any numbers. I have a Yfz that I can not register thanks to his deception. Watch out for ebay member eastcoastracing1 a.k.a. (John)
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