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  1. I`ve seen BF car go & it is fast it also sounds really healthy.I think it sounds better with this motor than his last one.But I could be wrong all I remember is it sounded awesome either way! but CONGRATS to you Captin on the new car,motor.I`m sure it has been a hard year with the those JACKHOLES stealing your last buggy.I`m happy for you.Good Luck with your new TOY!!!!!!!!
  2. the eastwood company sells all kinds of cool stuff.anything and everything
  3. dunefreak duniemonkie DPPETE(warrior07) Cole & Dave Mineurbiz (should be 3 more) wsky70 and dunejumper jorge plus one tkriley & family probably just the boy & I will come to this.
  4. I will be there for sure! maybe just my son and I, guys weekend.Im sure he would like that no sisters & not having to hear mama say your going to get hurt.
  5. GENTLEMAN my 70 is ALIVE!!!!!! it hasnt ran since the late 80`s.It is a 1985 & I`m not sure for all of them but this was my problem. Of coarse the carb was full honey looking gas but that easy to fix.2nd problem was a little harder to find.I couldn`t get any spark at the plug but with my meter I was reading thru @ the coil right a volt. so i thought i`ll pull the cover and look at the stator and i found that it has points.so a new set and put it back together and she fired right up first pull. just like my 110 when i was a kid it would start after sitting year it seem like,great running bikes.i need to get Pete (LTR450) to help me post up some video or pics.now this morning i`m going out to put that 125 together although i`m thinking it is going to be missing parts but time will tell.and yes it is a honda 125 atc,it even says that on the frame near the gas tank.it is kind of like a 110 but a 125 so who knows.but your right these things are a blast from past and i cant wait until the 70 DUMONT REGATTA.
  6. all i can say is DUDE thats some crazy sh!t for sure.i`m glad it turned out alright for you guys
  7. i thought drag boat racing was crazy but that is FKING crazy.But really awesome I`m sure the views are great and i imagine its really peaceful hearing the wind rushing by at 100 MPH
  8. Thankyou for your service. be safe over there and kick some serious .without men and women like yourself this nation wouldnt be sh$t.maybe there will be some huge dunes over there for to tear up in a humv,if so try to get some video of that.our tax dollars should be able to pay for some dune rides over there.
  9. SWEET CONGRATS when you get it finished you will need some of this then you can go do some of this around the camp. BTW my next store neighbor just gave me a 70 & a 125 ATC both of them are Honda`s.although the 125 has been taken apart by an EX-son in law who I think was a tweeker.cause my neighbor told me that the motor in the 125 was seized & since the motor is all apart i cant find any proof that it was seized. I guess he both them new for his kids & they stopped riding them years ago.1 good thing is that the tweeter EX son in law bought all new plastics and even new gas tanks.but i would rather have the OG gas tanks but OH well.I was thinking of fixing them and then putting them up for sale.I had a 110 for my first bike and maybe when i ride them i`ll just keep them who knows.anyways congrats
  10. well I cant think of a name at the moment but Congrats on that new baby.
  11. get ahold of CARCRAP!!!! that inless or buying parts i would have those jaska$$ work on any thing.try a buying a steel crank and finding out later after it broke it was a cast crank.my 2 cents
  12. sweet pictures that was some great air on the 2 wheelers.
  13. Sweet videos those were so cool.Could you hear the shifting and the motors screaming by chance? That would be like music to some of us i`m sure.Looks like a awesome trip.thanks for sharing.
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