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busa boy

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    1300 hayabusa raptor
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    I like to spend hours in the shop building things and dunning.

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  1. LOL LOL YA I'm going to be out there. We might be out there thursday, not sure yet. Have a safe trip out there. Dont mark those dunes up too much before i get out there lol
  2. If you guys want to see a classic example of Bruce's so called "woopen" that he is going to put use on pres. weekend take a look at the link. Ya, he is the guy getting dusted by the other two quads lol(in the big picture that appears). Sh!t you can barely even see him in the picture lol. "woopen"
  3. Bruce you bringing that turboed clunker out to race or sit at camp, its probably best if you left that bike at home (its all what it is good for) lol. Leave the racing for the bikes that run. lol You know that certain someone that has a red R1 banshee (I hate red), is he going to be out there for me to warm up on. lol lol lol Expect a 1300 busa for presidents Weekend. Lol lol
  4. For a starter bike, I would go for a used one. Your little bro is going to grow out of 90cc bike quickly. If you have a good guess on the overall condition of the used bike you find and you feel confident about it, then go for it. With the economy in the shape its in, you should be able to find a bitchen deal on a used bike. People need quick money. I have no idea about this bike(haven't taken the time to research), but it would be worth a double take. hope this helps
  5. But man do those quads give you goos bunks when they rev there motors sound so good
  6. I dont know, those street bike motors really wake up when you turbo them.
  7. That true, if a street bike powered quad is going to keep up with any thing above a 12 mil it is going to need a turbo on it and that can cost from 3-6K for the kit. how much money do you think it would cost to build a 24 mil banshee with all the extras; drag frame, axel, suspension, arms, built 24 mil engine that bored out, pipes, ect. I truly mean building a banshee that is extremely fast! How much?
  8. I would think the one's that are bored out are doing that speed, Does any one know how fast the 450's are at four stroke wars?
  9. There was an article in sand sport magazine on that Hillbilly busa quad. I has like 550HP in that thing. Turbo is pumping out 35 psi. 100 shot of Nos. That quad is ing fast!!!!!!!!!!
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