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  1. We're in too. Just wanted to confirm where we we're meeting. I heard early on that we might meet at vender row.
  2. Thank you for correcting me and passing along the other info. The credit needs to where it is deserved. I will make every attempt to attend the meeting in August. I work that day but will try to get someone to cover me. Thanks, Gary
  3. I've been going out ot Dumont since the early 80's. I knew things were going to eventually change and the place become extremely popular due to the increase in ATV's, OHV's, and all the other assorted off road vehicles. I can remember when a BLM representative came to our camp to discuss the POSSIBLE fees that were being considered. We, our group, told him that it would eventually be warranted to maintain peace on the overcrowded weekends but the fees should be facility oriented. Meaning, fees should reflect services. Unfortunately this is not the case. We have mentioned placing a facili
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