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  1. as long they have people paying these ridiculous fee's for stuff they'll continue! it sucks but me and my family dont do much anymore because when you do you leave feeling you just got for a crappy experince and that seems to be the norm now a days.
  2. http://www.wimp.com/chainlinkextreme/
  3. anyone ever seen or watch this show called whale wars? it unbelieveable. its on a station called planet green channel 103 on cox cable. it airs tonight 6-7 then 7-8.
  4. ya but i dont think a ford has enough power for the extra weight
  5. i called performance muffler when i got home and asked for a manager and was told i was speaking to him and he was actually the guy that looked at the truck. they maybe not be a bad shop i was just throwing this out there so people are aware and secound looks are always a great idea.
  6. I know they are a site sponsor and do alot of work on everybody's sxs BUT i was in there this morning due to my exhuast rattling, spoke with a guy about taking a look and how much it would be to fix. The guy grabs a creepy crawley slides under the truck and tell me my muffler is bad and would be $250 bucks to replace. On that not I leave to run more errands and run across another muffler shop and ask them the same thing. the guy gets in the truck take it in the shop puts it on the rack grabs his welder and not even 2 minutes later lowers the truck pulls it out and hands me the keys at no ch
  7. i sleep light and shoot first ask questions later
  8. i need to get my crank replaced so was wondering what shops in lv that people have had great dealings with that can handle a spliting cases and installing a crank?
  9. it was granite construction. and it was a brand new dozer.
  10. you know i did see some cig butts also......... :stir:
  11. did anybody mention all the trash left behind
  12. i better get some early before :beer_bang: its all gone
  13. where is alky available in las vegas?
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