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  1. aceisback


    We've done back to back to back exercises here aboard the base this summer so time has flown since it's so busy, and lots of OT, but its rough on an old body. My daughter booked me some depravation chamber flotation sessions since I am too stubborn to slow down on my own, and can't get mellow (smoke weed) cuz Uncle Sam says so. I made me a little sound track for while I'm in the chamber that starts and ends with this song. Helps drift me off and then bring me back as the session ends. So, in the theme of summer, take four minutes out of your busy lives and get mellow with me for a moment.
  2. aceisback


    Yosemite ain't no maybe! That's a must do. And while you're in the area Kings Canyon is much more majestic and waaaay less crowded. Have fun though, sounds like a nice trip.
  3. aceisback


    Working OT this weekend but just got back last night from my first ever trip up to Pismo Beach. Had heard horror stories and b*tches, moans, and complaints about the place and just kinda needed to see for myself. Granted it's not Dumont, and Dumont is not Glamis, Glamis is not Little Sahara Utah, and Little Sahara Utah is not Saint Anthony's Idaho.... But, it is sand and it was a six hour drive so I made the best of it. It is what you make it! Matter of fact I may go back someday. Something about highs in the low to mid 60's has an appeal when it is in the 110's where you live. $5 for a day trip, $10 per day if you're overnighting. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing summer, and I hope to see you out at D when the cooler temps roll around.
  4. aceisback


    Pete do you have anymore of the windshield size decals? Or the smaller version that went on the sliding portion of back truck windows? That Olde English font was sharp back in the day.
  5. aceisback

    Dune report Jan 25-27th

    Awesome pics, and congrats on the traveling and camping upgrades.
  6. aceisback

    Feb 2-4th, Superbowl Weekend 2018

    Was an annual pilgrimage for around six years or so for a batch of us Cali DS folks. Seemed like all of you Vegas folk stayed in Vegas and there would be no more than a couple dozen or so people total. Miss them good ol days. Always seemed to be good weather and smooth dunes this time of year. I'm gonna try and make it up there for the clean-up weekend. Ride safe and have hella fun Pete.
  7. aceisback

    New Memorial at the N. Pole ~ Mike Oakley

    I'd like to know where they got that flag/plaque? Was it a one off custom job or are they readily available somewhere? Thanks for any information that you may be able to provide in acquiring one like it.
  8. aceisback

    New Memorial at the N. Pole ~ Mike Oakley

    That's a bad ass plaque. Hopefully it is respected for years to come.
  9. aceisback

    Dumont Halloween 2017

    Nice video Alien. I see you still have that Mad Max vibe going on. Looks good. And plus 10 for \m/ W.A.S.P. \m/
  10. aceisback

    Does the site work well for you?

    Good to hear. I guess he got out of duning all together. Kids growing up can do that. Tell Jason that Vic said hello for me please.
  11. aceisback

    Does the site work well for you?

    Man that is some good stuff back then. Thanks for linking. I clicked through and read quite a bit of that. The "good ole days" as they say. Where the hell are all of those people? I've asked about Jason (RichardCheese) several times to no avail. He was one of my buddies in the DS (Bombardier DS650) brotherhood. Just lost touch over time. And I see Bert was on a LOT back then, RIP Bro. Another DS guy. Freakin MetalAlien and his crazy azz machine! Lots of good people have come and gone over the years. Life happens at a break neck pace Rock Hard Ride Free y'all.
  12. aceisback

    Does the site work well for you?

    I'll just go on record as saying I'm old and cranky and resistant to change for the sake of change. Being a long time member and a not very tech savvy one at that, I have been able to keep up with the many upgrades with minimal effort. You Pete have always made it a smooth transition. Guess what I'm trying say is if you can't navigate this site then you may be full blown tard material!
  13. aceisback

    Are your nipples slanted😳

    Straight on all three of my trailers.
  14. aceisback

    Who's ready and who's not?

    Too damn hot for the past three months to even let dune season enter my mind. I am in the market for a newer hauler so now that the huge ass RV show in Pomona is less than a month away it has started to dawn on me that I haven't touched the RZR since April. My only definite trip is Veterans Day at Glamis. Would like to get out quite a few more times this season and start getting Dumont back on the agenda. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. aceisback

    August Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    Long time voter and even longer time member but I have never played because, well, I'm not Neal! Hell, my pic isn't even in the dunes but this little RZR has lived most of it's life in them. Thanks for lettin' me play.