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  1. Hopefully they clean up better than that Beyonce video shoot.
  2. I have a two seat XP 900 so your experience may differ. I run 8psi up front and 6.5psi in the rear. Smooth buff fronts, STU paddles in the rear. Sidewalls were mentioned so I will add that beadlocks on sand tires are definitely the way to go if funds allow. And probably most importantly in this whole discussion since you mentioned passengers, stress to them the importance of keeping their hands and arms inside the vehicle, especially during a rollover. Either grasp the harness or white knuckle the oh sh*t bar provided for the passengers. Your hands are your money makers, keep them safe.
  3. Outstanding! Looks like a nice breeze to start a beautiful day. Wish Mother G would have looked like that. Tens of thousands of people does not equal virgin sand. It was an awesome ceremony and weekend anyway. Nice pics.
  4. Nice job and write up Pete. Especially like that cable gland. Most I've seen just drop the wires down the refrigerator roof vent. Clean install you have.
  5. Looking forward to a favorable report on said destination. Hopefully it doesn't get destroyed like so many other landmarks out in our playgrounds.
  6. In before the lock! Now where's my stickers dammit? Fo reelz though, them DumontDuneRiders.com decals in the Olde English font way back in the day were super bad ass.
  7. Minutes from the meeting??? Thanks for going and representing by the way. I went to a couple of these "back in the day", but I had a little more time on my hands then. Hopefully there was a good showing.
  8. Yeah we lost DS650.org like that. Glad to have DDR still around. Keep up the good work Pete.
  9. I'm stealing that idea! You're welcome.
  10. Toll down at Glamis is at least 6, but the number 8 is being floated around this morning. Helluva way for family and friends to have to return from a holiday. Let's try to be more careful out there peeps. It's supposed to be fun, not tragic.
  11. WTF is with that guy? He looks like a ghey Paul Hogan. Why would a professional feel the need to put his mug in all of his work pictures??? Maybe I'm just out of touch with the times and that's the way things are nowadays. Just my observation, yours may vary.
  12. We've done back to back to back exercises here aboard the base this summer so time has flown since it's so busy, and lots of OT, but its rough on an old body. My daughter booked me some depravation chamber flotation sessions since I am too stubborn to slow down on my own, and can't get mellow (smoke weed) cuz Uncle Sam says so. I made me a little sound track for while I'm in the chamber that starts and ends with this song. Helps drift me off and then bring me back as the session ends. So, in the theme of summer, take four minutes out of your busy lives and get mellow with me for a moment.
  13. Yosemite ain't no maybe! That's a must do. And while you're in the area Kings Canyon is much more majestic and waaaay less crowded. Have fun though, sounds like a nice trip.
  14. Working OT this weekend but just got back last night from my first ever trip up to Pismo Beach. Had heard horror stories and b*tches, moans, and complaints about the place and just kinda needed to see for myself. Granted it's not Dumont, and Dumont is not Glamis, Glamis is not Little Sahara Utah, and Little Sahara Utah is not Saint Anthony's Idaho.... But, it is sand and it was a six hour drive so I made the best of it. It is what you make it! Matter of fact I may go back someday. Something about highs in the low to mid 60's has an appeal when it is in the 110's where you live. $5 for a day trip, $10 per day if you're overnighting. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing summer, and I hope to see you out at D when the cooler temps roll around.
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