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  1. I was meaning to ask you about a sticker over the weekend! I redid my stickers and needed another one! Something like 1 or 3 about the same size as 1 for my back window.
  2. My bad! Pete, Randy, Mark, Lindsay, and Steve Fixed it! lol
  3. Yeah the guy who got ejected wasn't wearing his seat belt and the other guy I'm not sure, all I know is he ejected himself. My buddy was the one who went and for the rangers when you were yelling down comp.
  4. I guess they popped his shoulder back in and is just badly bruised. They said he should be fine.
  5. I can find out the condition of the person who got hurt! I did not know that was my buddies friend who crashed I just saw it on Instagram!
  6. Video finally up! Great run with Pete, Randy, Mark, Lindsay, and Steve! Randy getting some air doing a wheelie. First time making a video on the gopro tell me what you think!
  7. Awesome weekend! Have the video from the first run we did Pete with Randy getting some air behind you about half way through uploading right now! Was rough riding the bike out there but it was Nice being out in the dunes again!
  8. I haven't been on in forever! I'll be heading out tomorrow afternoon and staying with Krusty and all of them! Hope to see you guys out there it's been forever!
  9. First trip In a while since I have been out there. Didn't have my camera and my phone was dead the whole time. But had a blast even though it was for 2 days. Fun having thanksgiving out there with Vegas style, Krusty and everyone else. Haven't been out there in a while and didn't know they blocked off some parts on the south side of dumont and kinda hit a pole and messed up my hands lol swelling finally went down and back to normal. But had a great time even though it was for 2 days weather was great. Couldn't have asked for a better time. Only picture I really got while I was out there
  10. almost like a chlorine bomb to hate to be someone who picks one up hi everyone long time no see.
  11. thats what im thinking is that CR20554 rd is part of the werethe tracks were
  12. I dont really know but this is the old rail road trail from dumont to basicly the 127 on riggs road (4th pic) were it connects to the railroad it looks like an old concrete house or something but im not sure.
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