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  1. If my kids tried to hang off our TV ill beat there a$$ and they know it. There is no room on my walls for a mount. The cupboard door was pretty much the only option unless I wanted to remove cabinets. Rite or wrong in your eyes its simple and works awesome.
  2. I grew up riding bikes too. Started on a cr80 then 125 then 250 then a cr500. Yes they are sketchy, not as easy to ride as a 4 wheeler or sand rail. You have to be pinned 80% of the time while riding a bike in the sand. I'm much smarter now though and with age came the cage. I'm not saying bikes are bad in any way, just takes more effort, skills and talent. For the average guy who doesn't ride in the dunes often = sketchy a$$ riding lol
  3. It's a TV not rocket science. Hang the sh*t and be done. No matter how you mount it your going to want to pull it down while driving.
  4. I think anything is safe as long as the person in control rides to their ability and not beyond. SXS are for sure safe. 4 wheelers are safe too. Bikes are sketchy but most guys who ride bikes in the dunes know how to ride. If its dark and you cant see go back to camp. If you cant keep up with the group stay in the back and cut lines and take it easy. If you been drinking sit one ride out. Use common sense. You need to know how to react in certain situations and the only way to learn is to ride the dunes over and over and over and as you do that you will get faster and learn your rig. Most accidents I have seen were from people going to fast.
  5. Here's my simple install. With that mount you can swivel the TV all around and up n down. Works for us.
  6. The only one getting defensive is Jmock. Were all fine here, nobody is upset. Takes a little more then one upset guy to get anyone here riled up. We are all sorry for the loss as we have said several times. I know you guys understand stories change and get twisted as the story goes from mouth to mouth. Pete just posted what he heard and he also stated he wasn't sure if it was accurate. Would be nice to hear the truth from somebody when you guys are ready so the story doesn't get twisted anymore. Coming over here and barking at us is not the right thing to do, we have all lost friends as well, we are a tight group over here on this site and we all have Petes back. You guys aren't the only ones to lose somebody close to you or right in front of you. Be humble and happy your all alive.
  7. While watching TV I'm watching my truck and trailer.
  8. Anyone else have house alarms or video keeping an eye on things? It's pretty interesting the time of night people are out walking around and being nosey. It sure helps me sleep better knowing alarms and emails and police will come if anything happens. I have motion detectors, glass break detectors, sensors on all windows and doors plus the video. Even have a silent alarm panic button that sends the police with out setting off the alarm. With today's crazies out there and with how much I love my family I wanted a little extra protection. The guns under the pillow just didn't seam like enough. If anyone is interested I can point you to the right people for install. Costs about $50 a month for the home protection and the video is a one time fee when you purchase. The video runs off your wireless router. I can watch my house when at work or even out of town from my cell phone. Also drops your home owners insurance rate.
  9. Its a maybe for me. Im already planning on the weekend before Halloween with Pete and Terry then im going Halloween weekend as well.
  10. Ill do Glamis soon man. That's a promise. THANKS FOR THE BAD a$$ BORDER PATROL SHIRT!
  11. The most solid place I could find was one of the cupboard doors towards the rear by the double queens. I just screwed the mount to the door with some 2x4 pieces of plywood behind the cupboard door to add more strength. We can still use the cupboard if needed. I just hang the TV on the mount that's screwed to the cupboard door while camping then pull the TV down while traveling or while in storage. Mines a 40" I believe. Ill post pics tomorrow.
  12. Some pics I took with cell phone. Ill load the go-pro stuff later and got a good 4 wheeler crash recorded.
  13. The passenger should know exactly what happened that caused his friend to pass. Put it out there so nobody makes the mistake of accidently saying the wrong thing and everyone will know what really happened. That's what I would do.
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