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  1. I notice alot of people say they send thier engines out to be rebuilt. Who does the builds and 88 cc kits ect. Are any of the shops in the north side of town?????
  2. all these years of going to dumont and I have never seen the lane stripes on comp hill :no_no: HMMM? There is a common route people take up and down However there's also COMMON SENSE :dunce: It doesnt matter who's doing what you ALWAYS watch out for everyone no matter who's at fault . Just dont drive like an A$$ and there will be no fault . To many new jacka$$es going out there that dont respect others . not that all newbies are jacka$$es but they are out there. :fro:
  3. AMEN brother :dance: :fro: :fro: I love your opinion well stated.
  4. here's mine. Its no rhino but at about 1/3 rd the price I will keep this for a while till they redesign the rhinos and they landslide in price then get one of those for cheap.
  5. not sure who did the paint but it was built by Gutten. who he used
  6. Hell yeah gotta represent. thats the first sticker that went on
  7. It has a 24 HP honda in it it does well. I want to take it over to LVC to havve them tune it up and check the carb settings, I think it will run even better.
  8. Your right I thought of that after I clicked post for the record TOOL meaning wrench or screwdriver not a male anatomy... :dance:
  9. finally got the new cart to the dunes over the weekend here are some pics. The thing did way better than I thought it would, made it to N and S pole through the middle by comp and around the S side.
  10. It was a great weekend, I spotted you but by the time I made my way over to say hi you left already. I also met cheese and ace, great group of peeps. Hope to see you guys again. all though I only saw ace once without a tool in his hand. it was fun. nice safe uncrowded weekend.
  11. What exactly is a "horass"??? is it one of these JK
  12. I think I am heading out there on fri afternoon when my boy gets out of school staying till sun. Not sure where we are camping yet most likely in the first finger. I have a red truck with an attitude TH it and an old glory and a red pirate flag. stop by and say hi. It will just be my son and I so some company would be fun for us both.
  13. The # pete posted is the office # if no one answers leave a message and they will call you back. I dont know the whole story but my buddy bought the company from josey. I know they are still building and are also working on some other projects IE: different power plants and bigger cars. just preliminary though. I called my buddy he said they will call back, or you can stop buy as well.
  14. anyone know where to get a new set of black rims for a yz450 without the $450.00 price tag? I guess what Im asking is anyone have a hook up on rims? even used ones in new condition is ok. My brother is looking for some.
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