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    bob cox
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    eyeball fab sand rail, honda 250 quad, 90 predator, 35' apha cya motor home 28' box trailer, , boat , wife....................................
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    apple valley ca.
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    I.B.E.W. LOCAL 47 EQS
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    sand , river , 4 wheelin , motorcycles , havn fun

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  1. 3 amigos baby all day everyday I can feel it. if things hold together . we could see a resurgence. was just on the phone with James for the last hour reviewing builds ................................ you would need to come down so i can sit in the chair and quarter back .................... lmao o no Dave got a flat ,, o no Bob is stuck , o no James got stuck pulling bob. o no were supposed to back for breakfast !!! now what ? LMAO
  2. I think there is something brewing. I think someone is missing the dunes in a very bad way............ and i think he is not alone . I will contemplate this with a bottle of gin on the lawn chair of WOE ! as in WOE WOE WOE i fell out of the lawn chair , WOE WOE WOE PETE FELL OUT OF HIS LAWN CHAIR !! Gotta love Gin !!
  3. door knob turns slowly as audible click is heard then squeeling of door as it opens. the barefooted one sticks his head in and says "HI ". then quickly slams the door and runs away ........................................
  4. looks like ill just have to keep it and dune it next season hmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Manx vw pan type 1 transaxle motor in decent shape, previous owner said it was an 1835 I never verified it, suspension seats has an optional back seat, paint recent ( 3 years old) nice little toy runs and drives nice. ( dear Meyers Nazis im not calling it a MEYERS ) I don't know what brand it is. pink says special construction, street legal. 5000 obo Bobby Cox 760 524 1599
  6. 2006 28' triple axel 10,000 lb capacity extra wide door extra heighth. extra heighth top cap 8' floor to roof. 7.5' door opening by a full 96" width 102" overall width 28' inside measurement. 69 gal fuel cell with electric pump, built in 25 gal air compressor. wired for 12 volt and 120v rear flood lights, paneled. bulit in A frame, mount for gen. cabinets, new tires, new wheel bearings , electric brakes, retractable gas station type air hose ( not a cheapy) trailer bars been an excellent trailer no troubles 6500 obo sold
  7. i wish i knew lmao it gets lonely in this tree
  9. I dunno I heard there was an apb out on him . or so it says in the "as the sand blows" section
  10. The last thing I heard was bob was kidnapped by purple sand ninjas, stripped naked tied to a chair and forced to listen to Justin Bieber for 27 straight days. while watching peep videos and miley cyrus. Which caused him to completely lose his mind. and turned his hair gray. he looks like Gandolph the gray after a 3 day rave party on ecstasy and Sailor Jerrys. While all this was going on Obama snuck in, stole his wallet, and emptied his bank account. He now hides in the only tree in New berry springs. and sells oranges on the side of the freeway out at goffs road. and boxes hobos for the last drink in a bottle of ripple. he is now scared of pastey skinney white chicks who eat peeps and listens to beiber. If you go to newberry springs to the only tree in town and hear the "muskrat love" song that means he is home. that's all I know ............................
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