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    eyeball fab sand rail, honda 250 quad, 90 predator, 35' apha cya motor home 28' box trailer, , boat , wife....................................
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  1. These forums used to be buzzing like mad back in the day sure is quiet now ...................
  2. Doesn't that just figure I have a trip Planned for Halloween. Haven't been out for a minute and was very excited to go. Please keep us updated as i am watching to see if we can still go. not giving up yet.
  3. I am really nobody in all of this, but sidewinder that was kind of a sh*tty thing to say . Yes there closed for public safety. but as long as it isn't during actual construction times when he could be a threat or hindrance or impacting environment i/e protected wildlife/or plants. It is hurting no one. I agree it is " at risk" and yes some folks can get a ticket, but he seems, IMO to be investigating and reporting. It doesn't appear he is tearing up any construction work efforts. or driving through the desert plants. We see it all the time. I frequently have to go through closures for ECO's for power ( and yes, we are authorized to do so). And if they are out there and busy usually Cal Trans is nearby and they will let you know what's up. it looks like a right time to take a peak and let us know what's up. Just sayin .........................
  4. i remember everyone seemed to know everyone . when my son crashed on the flats by comp babert had him covered and i was told all the way out at north pole through word of mouth and i got to the ranger station before my son did .
  5. lets get some Gin and discuss your lack of a sense of humor lmao
  6. Jalper didn't you use to run with us back in the day ?
  7. ya i miss the beast, However i don't want a 1 trick pony anymore, want to go and do other stuff as well , I have watched Pete run his car with a busa and stay in the mix like it was no big deal ! back when we were all running big cars, I am hoping for a similar outcome. Then again the Groupe of us that ran back then we left many 1000 hp sand cars 3 dunes back on some of our north pole runs , I get no more drag racing the hill no more 140 mph runs on the back stretch. I am just hoping this thing will stay in the mix . on those wild ass runs to the pole . That was one of my biggest thrills, these little go carts are amazingly capable to an extent , but today ill see how well it will do, I'm headed to Dumont to see what it will do. ill be out there rockin my Del Taco flag in a go cart . See if i have any talent left funny thing i was looking into putting turning breaks on this thing but i guess the way the rear ends are designed they go into lock you can't use them on a sxs < that sux hope your home this weekend dave in case i run out of talent ! love ya brother
  8. so if i bore and stroke my pro x i dont need a helmet
  9. I don't know much about these go carts , So my question is : on a dune ride to the pole , or should i say FAST dune ride to the pole , can these things reasonably keep up chasing the big cars on a dune ride ?
  10. I need to see if this rzr is going to be duneable Pete where are you ? anything going on in march . Call me your number is lost in the cloud with this new phone . love Bob
  11. 3 amigos baby all day everyday I can feel it. if things hold together . we could see a resurgence. was just on the phone with James for the last hour reviewing builds ................................ you would need to come down so i can sit in the chair and quarter back .................... lmao o no Dave got a flat ,, o no Bob is stuck , o no James got stuck pulling bob. o no were supposed to back for breakfast !!! now what ? LMAO 🤣😱
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