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barefoot bob

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    bob cox
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    eyeball fab sand rail, honda 250 quad, 90 predator, 35' apha cya motor home 28' box trailer, , boat , wife....................................
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    apple valley ca.
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    I.B.E.W. LOCAL 47 EQS
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    sand , river , 4 wheelin , motorcycles , havn fun

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  1. i wish i knew lmao it gets lonely in this tree
  3. The last thing I heard was bob was kidnapped by purple sand ninjas, stripped naked tied to a chair and forced to listen to Justin Bieber for 27 straight days. while watching peep videos and miley cyrus. Which caused him to completely lose his mind. and turned his hair gray. he looks like Gandolph the gray after a 3 day rave party on ecstasy and Sailor Jerrys. While all this was going on Obama snuck in, stole his wallet, and emptied his bank account. He now hides in the only tree in New berry springs. and sells oranges on the side of the freeway out at goffs road. and boxes hobos for the last drink in a bottle of ripple. he is now scared of pastey skinney white chicks who eat peeps and listens to beiber. If you go to newberry springs to the only tree in town and hear the "muskrat love" song that means he is home. that's all I know ............................
  4. as usual for me i have a fancey phone with a camera and i still dont have any pics. had a blast sand sport ride was fun. our kids had an accident. no one seriously hurt but 1 quads frame is so badley bent it boggles my mind. glad our wee ones wernt hurt. had a couple of small problems with the car. jimbo helped me get that handled. capt kllm cooked his best turkey to date, we had a good spread for tday. the weather was so near perfect it was awsom had ro run a lil ac during the day and no heater at night. there was really not alot of people there as compared to busy holidays when times were good. 2 oclock meet and greet / sand sport ride was cool. sorry i seemed very quiet out there you guys. its been along time for me. and i hope nobody thought i was ignoring them, i was glad to see every one i missed seeing pete, randy , terry, the dune rides arnt the same without them. dune rides are kind of like vanilla ice cream now. but the camping aspect was a+ i enjoyed relaxed and drove alot less.bert out there in the tracker brought back memories lol. my son is back out on a bike again and theres bert in a tracker dejavu..... good times good friends good neighbors good food a+ weekend
  5. llol it was there all tday nobody came near it. its a breaking bad moment!! lol
  6. man , that seems to be the battle cry these days. " its the unions fault" the unions are the very thing that keeps " working class families" earning a decent wage. even if your non union. If they were able to eliminate unions all together, wage rates would plummit.as well as benefits. Very few unions have much strength these days. and theres huge differences between unions. and although unions have there problems. they do help us and remember there is a guy on the other end of the bargaining table representing the company.
  7. i choose not to dignify a single word of this with comment. dune on !!!
  8. lol dont be scared buy your pass at valero and go through the express line
  9. DAMMIT ! TIMMY !! you were right on the money except i dont smoke in the house.lol if you wernt always observing everything ......................... and arresting me for trying to go over the fence !!! you wouldnt know that ( im looking for the camera now :lmao: anywase you need to call me on the 1599 line cause i ran my phone over with the tractor and your number didnt recover! are you coming out to play tday ?? were doing dumont call me suka !!
  10. i dont know if it is a common weapon "to dumont" it is a very popular weapon however, just saying.
  11. lol ok im done, however i did mention several times that might be a ranger/ not sheriffs dog. by the reasoning of you gotta stop for a pass anywase maybe they could put the drug dogs at stop sighns and red lights. now we know why there was 10 of them down there, they were trying to start the dog! " where did that manual go ??" its still a waste of recources and admittance fees no one has a black eye. even though the subject high jacked to a different debate. it was positive no one got angry. of course i knew very little about it why do you think i read 6 pages of bla bla bla to get a clue !! lol anywase maybe we will see you at tday my car isnt hard to find................
  12. here is a scenario, john and joann are from nevada. Every year they go to Dumont for a holiday. john is an average middle class guy who works his tail off all week. Joann works part time and takes care of their kids. they are doing the last minute hurry up and pack to leave routine. cause as with most folks work doesnt allow time for liesury well thought out packing. as most folks do john owns a firearm. its already packed from a previous trip so its an after thought. their is to many other things to worry about. Its their if god forbid it was ever needed. so on to the task at hand, they get packed up and head on out the next morning. they roll into dumont they stop to purchase a pass at the entrance. As he is pulling up he sees sheriffs officrs and a drug dog. he thinks odd but ok they will be watching for azzhats this weekend. a little less to worry about. as he stops they walk the dog by the trailer. dog gives an indication he has found somthing. john is approached told of the situation. john thinks i have nothing to hide go ahead ( thinking if it gets me through the gate quicker do your bussines.) so the sheriffs conduct the search, they find johns firearm it is a common weapon ( lets say an m4 carbine) the sheriffs retrieve it and inform john that in california you cant carry a weapon concealed. or have a loaded clip in it, to make matters worse it has a 20 round clip in it, further it had no bullet button. meanwhile joann listening to this mess develop begins to get a headache. she reaches in her purse and pulls out a prescriptiom bottle and takes an 800mg ibuprofin (asprin) of course upon seeing a prescription bottle. the officer standing with them observes and see's the name on the prescription as john duner not joann. joannn is now in trouble as taking some elses medication is against the law. now john and joann are going jail. 2 trailers away billy flatbiller is watching this go on. of course since they are busy with john and joann they have to let the first few vehicles go by. including billy flatbiller who of course has a jar of extasy for the weekend rave party. ( i added this last paragraph for dramatic effect ) anywase that scenario is very simple and minus the checkpoint probably happens quite a bit. but never goes noticed. and in one unthinking moment could ruin your life. this not what the law was ever intended for. which is why we have our rights. that doesnt make the leos EVIL. they are trained in a specific way to deal with liars and pick out craftey people. that is there job.
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