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  1. 2 minutes ago, raspadoo said:

    "Goodbye 2020" indeed and good riddance! Few questions:


    Will Dumont be open New Years?

    Will there be trash collection, vendors and campfires allowed?

    Do I need a pass?

    Anyone seen my iPhone and or German Shepard?


    Cheers @dunefreak thanks for keeping us current and site up and running!


    😂 That's exactly how it goes though. I post the info, then people ask the exact questions I posted the answers to. It's like I'm hosting the dumbest game of Jeopardy ever! 


    Thanks bud. :beercheers:

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  2. 7 hours ago, CTaylor said:

    I have a 26' Class C Motorhome and have not been to Dumont ever. Are there hard dirt or asphalt roads that will allow me to get to a great spot to stay for the Thanksgiving 2020 weekend or will I get bogged down and stuck in sand. I'm not sure my motorhome can even handle a few decent ruts. Is seems that I have very little clearance.


    Any feedback would be helpful.





    You can get to plenty of decent spots. You just need to avoid the soft areas or keep you momentum. The hardest packed area is off to the left as soon as you get up the hill from the entrance road. When you see the ranger station on your right, hang a left into the camp area. 

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  3. On 3/30/2020 at 3:15 PM, willworkfor4x4 said:

    exactly.   we've been in Glamis for 12 days, and we are headed to Dumont in the morning.    see you there dune freak!!    is it crowded rn?   Glamis is emppppttttyyyyyy 

    Awesome. Have fun. I'm not there though. :( I'm "essential" and have to work. lol It's not crowded though. It should be great out there. Post some pics when you get there!

  4. On 3/29/2020 at 8:08 AM, Joyce said:

    Unfortunately yes this is a bad time for everyone not trying to be a Debbie Downer but people from all over go to Dumont Dunes especially people that have been in hi affected areas I don't believe the dunes should be open because people still come in contact with each other and once they've had a few drinks they let their guard down people camp in groups again Taking Chances bathrooms might be cleaned but not every time you use them I think it this time it is Unthinkable that the Dune should be open you never know who you could pass the virus on to


    Except every example you made doesn't follow the CDC guidelines/ recommendations. As long as you don't go out in groups, you maintain your distance, wash your hands, etc there is no threat of spreading or contracting the virus. The whole point is to NOT let your guard down. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, bamxbam said:

    I don’t post here much but Allways check the site super glad your back threw som cask at you to keep it going.the site is great . Just wondering is there a way you could have supporting members . Or that probably turns it more into a job 

    I appreciate that. I am looking at a way to do that so I can get a little more help with things but it'll take some time to implement. Thanks for the support! 👍🏻

  6. Thank you guys! @Crusty & @DuNe~Rydher


    What's even greater than the donations themselves is the comments on here and in everyone's memo on their donation. I'm feelin the love and appreciate everyone's kind words. Often times I wonder if many of the things I do with the site go unnoticed and they apparently do not. Thanks again guys. 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, rick10 said:

    Made a donation, can't say enough how much Kim and I appreciate you guys getting me back to camp last year.😊 Thanks for all you do man!



    Really appreciate it Rick. Thank you!

    And not a problem bud. That's just what we as duners do for each other! Hope the car is back together. 

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