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  1. Haha you won't regret it. The footage is worth it. Front mount: just a sticky GoPro mount on the roof Rear mount: cage mount with the GoPro adapter on it. It's a pretty stout roll bar mount made by Eyeofmine but I don't think they're in business anymore. I'll get a picture and post it. They are basically light rigging clamps (like this) with a small L bracket and GoPro tripod adapter mounted on it.
  2. It's the last big holiday weekend of the season! Besides Halloween, it's always been one of the biggest weekends at Dumont. Although the Jeep races and hill climbs are longer happen on President's weekend, you'll still see the crowds of duners, some of your favorite vendors, and action on Comp Hill. Don't forget to swing by the sand highway (between comp and North Pole) at 3PM for the unofficial daily drags. It's nothing more than duners lining up and racing, but it's a new trend at Dumont that everyone seems to love. Stay safe and pack out what you pack in. There is no trash collection at Dumont so we must keep our playground clean if we want to enjoy it for years to come. Be sure to post up some photos from your trip on the forum and tag us on Instagram!
  3. Part 2 video from Sunday. https://youtu.be/Dlt6_oOYdH4
  4. A GoPro 9 and a 10 (basically the same camera). I'm using a GoPro Max lens mod on each camera. That gives it more stabilization plus full horizon lock. It works awesome for dune videos to really show the angle of the dunes and the car especially when sidehilling.
  5. Part 1 video is up! https://youtu.be/bWUGTgBS000
  6. I'm working on video from the weekend so stay tuned on my YouTube. I'll post it here too though. https://www.youtube.com/c/LiveLikePete
  7. We pulled in Thursday night and there was nobody out there. The temps were a little chilly but the fire leaf blower got the fire going nice and hot because all our firewood was wet. Friday was the duning day. Lou has been chasing a brake issue and lost his brakes on a dune run. That was fun! He almost ran into me but luckily found somewhere to go rather than my car. lol Overall it was a nice, chill weekend. I know MLK weekend isn't very busy but it was empty this year. I wasn't mad about that. Great trip. Nothing broke and I'm stoked to get back out asap.
  8. I don't believe so. They stopped doing them a couple of years ago due to lack of interest and participation.
  9. Anyone heading out for MLK? Looks like the weather may hold out with the only chance of rain being Saturday night (50%). Highs around 60 and lows in the 40s. Sounds like duning weather to me.
  10. MLK weekend is not the holiday where you'll see huge crowds and partying. Instead it's more of a duner's holiday. It's a weekend to run the dunes and enjoy the weather (if it holds out). There should be a couple vendors showing up but still come prepared. Make sure you have a holiday pass because this is one of the five holiday surcharge weekends. As always, have fun, be safe and share your pics and videos on the forum, our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram.
  11. until
    It's one of the busiest weekends following Halloween. President's Weekend is Feb 18-20, 2023.
  12. until
    It's a duners holiday weekend. MLK weekend is never a busy one but there always seems to be a handful more duners than other weekends. Don't forget you'll need a holiday pass since MLK weekend is one of the 5 holiday weekends.
  13. That wet sand can be tricky. Glad nobody in your group got hurt. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Time to ring in 2023! New Year's Eve falls on Saturday night this year. How perfect is that? New Years' weekend is not as big as Halloween, but it still brings a decent-sized crowd. It's usually the coldest weekend of the year, but this year the forecast is showing highs in the 60s! You will still want to load on plenty of firewood though. In addition, you'll need a holiday weekend pass. Vendor Row should have a handful of vendors on site so be sure to stop by and show your support. And although fireworks are illegal out there, you know plenty of them will fire off throughout the night, so take extra caution with your pets. Keep them on a leash or indoors so they don't run off. Dumont Weather Forecast Places to Get Water, propane, services, etc near Dumont Dumont Passes Dumont Maps Don't Lose Your Dog! Keep Them On a Leash and In a Lighted Harness. And Don't Forget Those Ridiculous New Year's Eve Party Supplies
  15. Ok so here it is! I wrapped up the video from Buggy Roundup 10. Grab a beer and enjoy it on your big TV for best results. haha
  16. Some more photos from the weekend. Video is almost done.
  17. Thank you Tim for capturing all these awesome photos! Such an awesome trip. Really great seeing everyone like you said.
  18. Some grabs from the drone on Saturday at Comp. That was so much fun watching everyone play and race on the hill. It was like the old days when Comp was fun!
  19. It's kind of a matter of personal preference. I put in the cooler white like 5500K and it felt like a operating room in there. lol It was weird. So I put in the warm white (3500K) and they look more normal and they're still plenty bright. You could always go cooler white in the kitchen and bathroom and warm in the bedroom and under cabinets.
  20. Thanks to each and every one of you who came out to keep the tradition of Buggy Roundup alive. The final count was 75 sandcars! Best trip of the season. You guys are awesome. More photos and video to come. Please post up any photos or favorite highlights.
  21. until

    damn man that sucks!
  22. Stoked to see everyone. Just a few more days! Don't forget to bring a little something to add to sandcars and coffee on Saturday morning if you guys don't mind. Don't go nuts! We don't need an extra 100 donuts. LOL And we have some killer raffle prizes to give away this year!
  23. Hell yeah. Gettin close. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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