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  1. try www.babbittsonline.com thats where i get all my parts from and also try www.cheapcycleparts.com
  2. get you a 5 foot long blow dart gun, makes for more fun! ahah from what ive seen people do is put up those metal or plastic spikes on the place where they are nesting, ive also heard of people putting irritants up there
  3. could possibly be the clutch actuator has 3 different parts, i have seen all of these happen because i have 5 banshees. the clutch actuator lever can be worn out and rounded off which will not give the clutch rod and ball the length it needs to push the clutch out when you squeeze the lever, it could also be the clutch ball has welded itself to the clutch rod and is spinning the whole rod with it which can bind up the clutch and not let it disengage when you let go of the lever. another thing is when you have the side cover off make sure your plates arent sticking together.did you soak the plates in oil before you installed them? and it could be the clutch basket wore grooves into itself so when you go to let out on the lever the clutch plates are catching the grooves
  4. i have a banshee with a zx900r in it i might be interested in selling
  5. ahmmm ... quad shop is NOT steve abbotts shop.. abbotts shop is atv cycle sports and he has stepped down from working on peoples bikes and has not had a problem with doing things like that since he opend atv cycle sports. he did all that at quad central in his so called "crazy" days. quad shop is completely different shop..different side of town.different people
  6. well dalton.. you could probably get about 400 to 600 out of it if your lucky. it really depend on overall condition, plastics,seat,tires, leaky forks, etc etc... but the economy is hard so thats my opinion.. now last question..dalton jensen from vegas and went to desrt pines high school then moved to st george utah?
  7. ahh hmmm.. 5 banshees later.. it could be multiple things.. kind of the same thing i had happen to me..my crank seal went bad which let oil seep into the right cyl.. then it could be like what bruce said..had this happen on my yz250 left fuel on.. and all my gas was gone..i was like wtf mate..all the fuel was in the bottom end,topend,and pipe... i have a milled head and i have 135 per cylinder..equal... and i havent rebuilt in over 4 years. what is ur jetting at now? on my banshees i usually have around 300 to 340 main and my pilots are 30 to 32.5 .. if u need any help im in vegas and can come by and help call or text anytime 702 481 6998 also.. the carb slides on stock carbs are picky about what side they go in..also which bowl goes on which carb matters to.. the left carb bowl has a small jet in the bowl. just gimme a call or text
  8. this is from my most recent trip back to arkansas.... got two copperheads in less than an hour.. of course its a farm out there so its nothing new... both these got a 12 gauge magnum shot to em
  9. ive heard that the PAG oil in your ac compressor is sweet smelling and tasting like anti freeze except its a clear color
  10. never thought to turn them upside down.but its the best i can do with a cheap samsung digital camera thats only 10 mp lol
  11. these clouds look like dunes
  12. bob..you fail at life lol. little help with calling them 222-3586
  13. Lets just say economical my banshee is NOT!!! EDIT; this is LS1Inferno my brother just left himself logged in and i didnt notice.
  14. being from arkansas "jonesboro" i wouldnt think people would have that kind of sh*t lol and on the other hand.. it is russelville.the town is only as big as the word goes.which usually isnt that far.
  15. ahh man.. i miss my 94 yz250 after seeing that pic:( wana sell? haha
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