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    2008 Weekend Warrior LED3505 5th Wheel
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  1. Thaks all,Just added the 5th wheel yesterday and now waiting for the Nerf Bars... I do have to add a low profile toolbox to keep all of my truck junk as even as big as thus monster is,there's no storage hardly. My buddies 2013 Dodge 3500 has alot more storage internally. I also found out that being 6.4 tall does not lend alot of headroom with the sunroof option... still trying to decide on whether the stock nav/stereo will be replaced. Drives great,getting 14.6 mpg so far and liking the new ride big time, can't wait to pull the hauler next week.
  2. Friends of ours just had them install a whole system and when it rained, they had so much roof damage it was crazy. 6 different spots that rain went into their house taking out sheetrock ceiling in multiple rooms along with floor damage from the rain. Had to tarp his whole roof until they got out there...2 days later, they suck....
  3. Got a new ride......Traded the F350 for a new to me 2013 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Danali Dully 4x4.
  4. Hey Pete just picked the new DJI PHANTON 2 VISION PLUS. SP2 MIKE
  5. Joe Could you post more about your setup. Ive been starting to get more info about the hex types controllers and if your flying by glass or just fixed sight. Your clip was great and you seem to be really steady. Also I know lenses play tricks with gauging altitude how high were you on average and what is your ave flight time. Thx SP2 Mike
  6. I have been going to the same shop as Pete on HotRod Hill for 5 plus years very fast no hassels at all. They've never looked under the hood at all and ive got tunes that was done by Underground Diesel and pass with flying colors. I didn't know underground did smogs...but their work on my truck has been excellent. Either way you should be good. SP2 Mike
  7. Grandsons from Michigan are here for 6 weeks. If anyone is in Boulderfor the 4th Parade ill be driving my Shriner mini car or following up in the Shriner tow rig...loo. Frickn Golf cart with a tow rope...but hey being in the parade is a blast and its a great way to get people jacked about the 4th. After the parade were hitting the lake with about 7 boats heading up to west side of Echo and spending the day floating and sucking beers... Big BBQ later at the house and then to the old Boulder airport runway so the family can set off some fireworks before the big show at veterans park. Hope everyone has a great 4th Happy Birthday Pete SP2 Mike
  8. Sorry it took awhile to get back to everyone. Been on the road for work almost a month. So put 1200 miles on the truck and ive towed both my 37ft hauler and I have a 28ft boat. So coming from Boulder City to Dumont via Searchlight and Nipton to 15. That jump on point with the hauler has always been a challenge as its a 6-8 percent grade with no chance to gain any speed. I have never hit the top of Hollerran Pass going more than 50 and foot buried and watching engine temp headed to red...My first time with the new upgrades from Underground the truck pulled 65 running 26lbs of boost and the pyro stayed at 1275-1300 and engine temp stayed totally normal. I have to be careful as from a dead stop with the hauler and especially my boat (9800lbs) I can break the rear tires loose reallly easy. Its never done that before. I also see an increase from 10mpg to 13 while towing and 14 to 17-18 not towing. Truck has never ran better. I'm totally sold on Underground and the guys. SP2 Mike
  9. Be careful Pat, were getting old and at this stage a cold beer and a piece of..... Well it will kill you none the less. Have fun and let us know how the daily activities of fishing, during, bourbon and ginger ale are doing. SP2 Mike
  10. Used too drop it - it seemed to be the same high buggy or some high end dollar project that most of will never hit. More about the basics like SXS changing a belt in the wild, snapped CV and your on your own, or tips that can help new owners survive an outing by themselves. There's lots of us that go family style and are single riders, most of us know the do and don't, but sometimes Sharing the knowledge to new peeps is good. Not seeing any of Snake Snakes naked dudes...... Holy Moly..... Yeah better half had influence there. lol Tie it back to more local and even the western 11. You can't be everything to everyone, but we have some radical dunes, trail rides and even some killer overnight rides that I think would be cool to see and hear about. Like said earlier it's Kool to hear about new ride areas about the RV status and maybe some of the large get together. The reason I think Petes Website is so successful is that no matter your level or ride, your can always relate to the cause..... Ride and enjoy.
  11. Appreciate the fact that I have had the oppertunity to do another run yet one more time and hopefully again.... SP2 Mike
  12. Apparently....still no reason to trash the camp and bail leaving the rest to clean it up....end of rant.
  13. Pete As Sand Snake said the location was almost straight out from bathroom 8. It was East of the big bowl. The comments about the feeling around the dunes for those thathad seen it and watched afterwards didn't so.much shut the the hill down but it was very slow for a long while afterwards. We cruised by late that evening and you didn't want to be there. People in the camp by us came by and said the same thing it puts a different feel about the dunes for a bit. One more comment I think if your new and fortunate to know somebody that is an experienced duner and the new duner is able to ride and learn for 5-6 solid rides of what you can and the dangers of why you cant under no circumstance then at least that new duner has the basics. But there are those we know who are radically experienced and none of us will ride as its just a matter of time.
  14. Whoever drove the Mr ROOTER Van towing a Uhaul you people left one of the biggest pig nasty messes at your camp site I've seen in years. Dirt Bags.... SP2
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