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  1. they are even more fun when they are in a ATC frame...
  2. does the bike really suck that bad? no one can even post
  3. may I make a suggestion? I think you need to ditch the spindle mounts asap. the car looks great, I just dont want you gettin hurt! i have seen spindle mounts blow right off on midtravel cars. with the speed you will be able to reach with that car and the new suspension. it might be wise to go with a cheap hub just for added strength. you dont need to go tatum or jamar, just get a hub that will fit that. you can sometimes find cut down drums that work just as good! great build should be fuN!
  4. kraut n rice is the man! that thing behind a 091 will be fine!
  5. ive been just watching this thread and now Ill speak... personally quad rockets. your bikes are nice, but you have no idea what your talking about. Peg leg shows you a tripple banshee and starts quoting things like, 24mm, and your asking if the damn thing is ported? You have no idea what your talking about have fun on your abomination of a quad, it looks nice no doubt, but that thing will get KILLED by any well set up drag banshee... do remember your not the first to use a streetbike engine. nor will you be the last. A few years back the fireball race team built the hillbilly banshee, it had 3 times your horsepower and design, and was barely beating Dm Racings 18mm. Banshees have now grown even more with the DM and DMX cylinders we are building 160 horsepower 4mm 544cc banshees....... nice quads, but you cant be a dragger and a duner at the same time...
  6. I didnt think I would ever sell my banshee but things have changed and I think it will be easier to have another rail in the camp for the GF to drive. The quad idea isnt working out. she will drive the piss out of a rail, but is scared on a quad(BTW this isnt her quad). Its a 1990 Banshee, I have well over 8K in this bike, but like the old saying, Ill never get my money back. the bike has. Trinity Stage II Engine Package weisco super lite pistons 20cc Decked Head 35mm Keinin Carbs Shearer Inframe Drag pipes W/ Silencers Stage IV Clutch and springs Lonestar +6 swing arm CHROME Rebuilt and Revalved Rear Shock Tripple Rate Works front shocks Lone Star D-Arms with new ball joints CHROME Dyna-Tech CDI Box with 4 ignition custom curves new Yamaha OEM Stator Lazer Star Lights 35watts Spot and Flood Soft seat Foam with Crushed Velvet (it got me the gf) lol 6 gallon Desert tank Billet TPI Twist Throttle with Stainless Steel Lines Kendra Dune Runner Fronts on .125 DWT Rears are 22 inch 8 paddle Extremes on .125DWT D.I.D Gold chain with Sun Star Sprockets Tag Bars with Clamp ASV clutch lever with Stainless Steel Line Bike has been well taken care off. Bike has dynoed at 64RWHP. ITs a duner, I ride this thing everywhere and I can make it to Patton Valley and Back from pad 2 and thats twisting some dunes when we get to Patton as well! Bike gets good gas mileage for a two stroke and whips 95% of the bikes that it meets. if your beat its by a bigger banshee or a fourstroke that has a TON of money it. THis bike starts first kick, idles for ever and HAS NEVER fouled a plug. I know the market is crap and Ill never get what I want for the bike trying to sell out right, but someone who is over the rail idea and wants to get back into atv's this is a great bike. I would say the bike has 2 more seasons on the top end, I am willing to put a new top end on it for the new owner if the bike sells for asking price. 4000 OBO
  7. close freind has a 3.5 backed by a 002 has over 8 years on the same tranny, 5 on a volkswagen and 3 with the v6 has NO problems pounding sand... listen to people that have actually tried the combo LOL
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