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  1. No need for that. This bike runs great! Top Notch! I just don't ride it any more. Got a sand rail and Razr 4 seat 1000 and just don't use the quad. Needs to go to someone who will use it!
  2. I think I will Sand Snake! Just posted in the classifieds! Wanna buy it?!?!
  3. Thanks everyone! I just need some general maintenance done, and I need a new gasket.
  4. My YFZ has been sitting around for quite some time; I'm just too busy to use it for the last couple of years. I need to take it into a shop for some maintenance. What shops in town are good these days? I've been out of the loop for a while. Thanks for the info!
  5. Of course I would show up. But the business would be nice too! Tonight is not great for me, but thanks for the invite!
  6. I am thinking about building my motor on my YFZ 450. Can anyone recommend a great shop that is reasonable in price? I want to do a big bore, port and polish, bigger carb, etc.
  7. I am looking to buy an aftermarket rear shock for my 2004 YFZ 450. Does anyone have one for sale? I prefer Elka, but I will consider any good after market rear shock.
  8. Now that I have decided to keep my YFZ instead of selling it, I need to spruce it up some more. I want to chrome some of the parts on my quad; swing arm, nerf bars, axles, etc. Does anyone know if a good chrome shop that is reasonable on prices?
  9. I will go ahead and through this out there... Scoundrels Pub II 4850 Camino Al Norte North Las Vegas, NV 89031 (on the corner of Lone Mountain Road and Camino Al Norte) WE HAVE THE BEST PHILLY'S AROUND!!!
  10. I have Prism and I like it quite a bit. I do not like the fact that you can only pause the TV on the main box. That feature sucks.
  11. Come support a fellow duner! I'd love to see you there! Join us for our annual Halloween Party at Scoundrels Pub II We will be having a live band: Swollen Blue Costume Contest 1st Prize: $100 2nd Prize: Free Bottle Of Liquor! Enjoy a great night out with Scoundrels Pub II When: Friday October 28th around 9:00PM Where: Scoundrels Pub II 4850 Camino Al Norte North Las Vegas, NV 89031
  12. No problem Cole! Glad to have finally met you! Good luck over there and thanks again for choosing my Scoundrels! Glad you had a good time!
  13. Car Show is Today at 4:00PM Scoundrels Pub II
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