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  1. Does anyone have any updates on the cell tower?
  2. For all of you DDR!! Love this Place !!
  3. Sorry for the late response but no sold them
  4. If you ran the tires to low in air, and sand got between the rim and tires in the bead area, you would need to clean them really good before applying any seal. BTW 1/2 of bottle of alumiseal and antifreeze per tire, works the best, but once you apply it you have to drive the car for a few minutes to allow the alumiseal to get on all the little crevices.
  5. UPDATE!! for all you folks in the Vegas area I can have them crated/pallet and shipped to Vegas for $200.00
  6. No dents or damage I am in the bay area
  7. I want them gone quick they take too much room, no reasonable offer will be rejected.
  8. Sorry I would like to get $1800 obo.
  9. Douglas beadlock 15 inch wheels front width 7 - 3.5 backspacing rear 12 width 3.5 backspacing All wheels and tires are in great shape
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