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    attitude hauler yukonxl 2500, can am maverick X3 max
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    riddin the dunes as much as i can.

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  1. its sounds like it is hers. it has some home work on it. pm me your address and ill drop it in the mail tomorrow.
  2. not sure how important it may be to someone. but I found a memory stick in the sand at north pole. hmu if its yours. from what I seen in the files the person who may own it has the initials of T. Y.
  3. I still have this I really would like to see it gone and being used in the dunes
  4. @ come and take a look at it I am open to decent offers. my price is not set in stone like some others
  5. still available ready for up coming dune season.
  6. @@penny yes I still have it if your still looking email me at draggindres10@aol.com sorry for the slow response.
  7. vw powered 1835, cnc hydraulic brake, and clutch, bug pack turning brake, hella lights, buggy whip with lite, ice chest, tool box, sand tires and desert tires, and a few extra parts. asking $4500.00 this has been a very fun car. but with the fam getting bugger I need to let her go.
  8. draggindre

    sand rail

  9. I have been to a few of them they are fun and the slash x bar is great
  10. two seater sand rail. engine may an 1835. not sure. has coil over suspension. comes with desert and sand wheels and tires. in the barstow area. contact bill at 760 217 7190. 3500 or best offer.
  11. well i have tried everything and cant figure it out. im thinking it may not be the carb. the spark plug was realy black so i changed it. but now i cant get it to idle. i can keep it running by feathering the throttle. and it will go. and from time to time it startes to go like nothing is wrong but now i notice that it is smokeing a bluish grey smoke so im thinking i may have other issues. any ideas would help. if anyone knows a good mech in the barstow area that wont rap me on charges that would help to.
  12. @ goodguys75 your prolly right they all tie in one way or another to make us pay more money to play. lol
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