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  1. its sounds like it is hers. it has some home work on it. pm me your address and ill drop it in the mail tomorrow.
  2. not sure how important it may be to someone. but I found a memory stick in the sand at north pole. hmu if its yours. from what I seen in the files the person who may own it has the initials of T. Y.
  3. draggindre

    sand rail

  4. draggindre


    From the album: sand rail

  5. draggindre

    buggy At dumont

    From the album: sand rail

  6. I have been to a few of them they are fun and the slash x bar is great
  7. well i have tried everything and cant figure it out. im thinking it may not be the carb. the spark plug was realy black so i changed it. but now i cant get it to idle. i can keep it running by feathering the throttle. and it will go. and from time to time it startes to go like nothing is wrong but now i notice that it is smokeing a bluish grey smoke so im thinking i may have other issues. any ideas would help. if anyone knows a good mech in the barstow area that wont rap me on charges that would help to.
  8. @ goodguys75 your prolly right they all tie in one way or another to make us pay more money to play. lol
  9. thanx ill try the pilot jet. and your right this new fuel is crap cause mine only sat a couple weeks with out running i now put stabil in everything
  10. has anyone had issues, with a carb on a 450r? first of all mine sat for to long i guess cause the fuel went bad, i went threw it and cleaned it out, but it was still acting as if it was over fueling. would idle fine, but when you starting goin it seemed to flood out or chock out. its wierd. so we changed the needle and seat, and put a new float set. put it back on and then it was doin something alil different. this time it would idle fine and rev fine until you put it under a load, then when you would get to about half throttle it seemed to chock out and sputter. so again it comes apart we found the main jet to have something in it so we cleaned it again. now it wont idle, the chock makes no difference and the hot start lever makes no changes iether. does anyone ahve any ideas. i realy need to go for a good ride.
  11. good job Shanerman if it wasnt for you and the others that helped, jesse and cindy may not have been found till morning, because where they ended up was not a highly visable spot. thank you to all the heros that helped.
  12. i changed out the switch which i assumed is the push button one on the dash but the serv 4wd came on again i ran scan tool and no dtc is comeing up i did notice that when the serv light was one the switch on the dash was reading as if it was in nutral truck seemed to be moving just fine i stoped truck shut it off and then restarted it it was then reading 4 low put truck in nutral pushed 4 hi then pushed 2wd all went ok for the rest of the day. does anyone know if the may be another problem or if i changed the wrong switch truck has 67000 miles on it
  13. that is kinda of what i was thinking thanx for info
  14. any ideas on what could be the problem these quads belong to a friend and ill i know is they never get used two quads with same problem
  15. thanx i will buy the switch i reset the dtc and have drove for about 150 miles and nowarning yet but im sure its gonna pop up again.
  16. thanx for all the info on this i just got a chance to run the scan tool on the truck and it gave me code p2771 which is 4wd low circuit fault called gm and they have switch in stock price is 98.51 gonna pickone up when i get off work again thanx guys hope this fixes it and ill be at the dunes on wed.
  17. thanx for the info is there any spacific checks i can do to make sure or is it so common that i should get a new set of switches
  18. so this morning, i start my truck and the service 4wd warning comes on, so im ok kool need to check this out. while on my way to work getting on the freeway i fill the truck jerk and rpms drop check engine light comes on and the truck puts itself into four low. i pullover and try to get the truck back into 2wd but it wont go. has anybody had this problem? i need help.i would like to be able to make it to the dunes for turkey day. truck info 2004 gmc yukon xl 3/4 ton 4wd 6.0 eng auto trans with 65000 miles. oh yeah i also used the onstar diagnostics and all they told me was 4wd malfunction needs to be repaired within the next seven days.
  19. i dont have a problem with a small raise of the fee for the weekly pass i used to buy them but i go more than three time a year now so makes more sence for me to but the annual pass and the place is much better now i would like to see the rest rooms pumped more regularly i rarely have to use them but the few time i did this season i was like o.m.g. that crap is stacked high but hey it happens
  20. yup sure does but ill reinforce it and she will be just fine
  21. well i was washing the mud of my 2004 gmc yukon xl after this fine weather we have been having. and i notices that my frame has 4 small cracks coming from around the shock mount bolt on the drivers side rear. and im sure there are more gm owners on this sight. so just check them out be safe than sorry. anyways i took it back to the dealer i bought it from, to ask what the deal was. and just as i knew they would say "oh you have a lift on it so we cant do anything for you" . the service writer did sugest that i have someone weld a big washer around the hole to reinforce the area. but i think ill drill the ends of the cracks, clean them up and weld them. and then weld a plate in the area to reinforce the frame. so i got some work to do but i wanted to let the good peeps of ddr know to take a quick look at the frame if your lifted cause im sure the stock gm frame would never crack unless you modify it.
  22. ill be there this weekend leaveing fri till sun have no idea where im gonna camp but im sure sand will be involved lol hope i see you this time pat i looked for you at the clean up but no luck i even found a glove figured it was yours
  23. see ya guys there bright and early sat morning
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