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  1. It was a real head turner...propane gas tank, stick shift, foot clutch & turning breaks.
  2. About 6 years ago at Sand Mt. NV, a guy pulled into our camp on this BIG blue quad!
  3. ...roll the carpet up so gas won't get on it...my girlfriend likes the smell of gas and man sweat...hehehe...she's part Viking! I pull a 26 ft. WW 1/2 mile into DEEP sand with a Chevy Suburban 4x4. Fresh or gray water is used "if I get stuck" to harden up the sand around all 8 tires and a few feet runway in front of the way I want to go to get unstuck. I can always unhitch the trailer if that doesn't work to go get help. So far...so good. Also I air down to 8psi in ALL 8 tires! I SMELL GAS!
  4. I went with the flat panels also. They have 48 LEDs on each panel. I colored the inside leds with a yellow marker pin...lol...looks good! I put them in the outside lights also with amber glass. I mounted four lights on the door side of the trailer... used an outside switch on two of the single 48 led housings to power/switch the 94 led lights next to them. It took about a foot of wire in the wall to switch power to each 96 led light. I now have low, med & high beam of light. And no bugs with amber!
  5. Hmmm...good point...port hole style maybe? And they seem to be waterproof looking...
  6. Y not! Those big wheel things have a motor why not this?! Haha
  7. I would like to put two windows in my ramp door with temperd glass and aluminum or wood flip down hinged covers on the inside to drive over. And the covers could have supports when wanted to convert into window tables ... One more place to set your beer on! Anyone tried yet?
  8. Friend bought this shirt for me the other day!
  9. Aircraft landing gear tires on this dune tow truck and the old hood is now the roof! Don't want to see this old crusty coming for you on Halloween! B O O!
  10. nightime

    camp spot

    Air down to 8psi on all 8 tires to get here.
  11. Yea...sorry to hear about that no rain ... I thought I ran into quicksand in So Cal & Mexico... but it was just slow mud! Hehehe ... Painted Gorge...Superstition Mt. Sand washes...Laguna Salda, San Felipe...it smelled like hermit crab poo poo in San Felipe!
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