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  1. Hey I’m out here. Looking for a reflash for the rzr. Anyone coming that can do it? p-rot
  2. Aaron, thank you very much for your guys help! You made a whole camp very happy!
  3. Missing St. Bernard dog!!! Lost him about 730 tonight. We are over on the far right of vendor row with a blue camp locator. If you find him please call me at 209-769-5855 or 209-756-5390 thank you! p-rot
  4. P-rot


    Are the GTP guys coming out for thanksgiving? They've got at least 1 part I got the approval to but so I need to pull the trigger before the wife changes her mind!!!!
  5. Day report- didnt see the dunes, did a rzr ride to the date farm today then explored the mines on the way back. Blew out both passenger side rims and tires on my friends rzr right as we got back to the dunes and that killed the day. Other than that weather has been great and riding has been perfect. A little bit of chop and whitches eyes are way worse than they were 10 years ago but still great to ride
  6. Having a great trip so far! Little bit of rain this morning and supposed to rain again tomorrow morning. Good wind this afternoon got a little exfoliated on our ride but other than that great so far! Not many vendors yet but hopefully that will change as we get closer to the holiday
  7. We have a 4 trailers arriving Saturday and leaving the following Saturday in 13/14 D/E on the grid map
  8. once we have a clean bead, we silicone it before airing up, never have flats and its $5 a tube at the local hardware store
  9. I was between the sky ranch and the old chicken ranch
  10. I would love to have a better place to empty out! the gas station (will remain unnamed) I have always had issues with (over charged me for fuel, had a pump that didn't kick off, workers didn't know their store, etc) and I will never give them by business again, so it would be nice to have a place to dump before getting back on the freeway, I'd even be willing to pay!
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