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    Julie Johnson
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    85 ATC 70 w/ electric start 120, disc brake conversion
    05 kfx 500
    06 Raptor
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    Operations Manager
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    Love to camp and hang out with friends and family. When I have extra time I sell Scentsy Wickless candles. Check out my website, www.scentsy.us/jcj

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  1. Terry and Bill, we the dumont family have lost soooooo many loved ones in the past few weeks, lets stop take a breath and be thankful that we are all alive to be having these arguments and just agree to disagree at this point. I think that would be the best thing before anything more gets said here that cant be taken back. You both have very strong opinions, but lets just stop and be thankful that we are alive to have these opinions.
  2. I wanted to start a thread that everyone could go on and post their favorite memory of Al. Do you remember the first day you met him? Do you remember the day that he said, “here try this!” Do you remember the smile on his face? Of coarse you do. Because anyone who met Smokin Al, was meeting their best friend. Yes their best friend. Al made everyone he met his best friend. It was his personality, it was his charm. It was his heart being made known. Al always had a smile on his face. He was always there to shake your hand and shove his food in your face. He wanted everyone around him to be happy and have full bellies too! Al took everything to the extreme. Whether it be cooking too much food just to make sure everyone in his camp and the next three camps over were fed, to driving his sandcar so hard that he blew the motor up or broke something major every time he went out for a run! And you would think this would put him down, but he would get angry and then go back to cooking and having barbeque sauce all over his hands and his trailer and once again saying, “here try this!” He always had a joke to tell to make you smile, and always had a story to tell and wanted you to be a part of it. Less than a year ago, cancer decided that it needed to be a part of his life too. It crept its way in and overstayed its welcome. Al stayed strong. He fought the fight. He battled the battle and he stayed as strong as strong can be. But in the end, cancer took over his body, and knocked him down to an unbeatable fight. So today all we are left with is memories. The memories of a man who wanted nothing more than everyone around him to be happy. So take this time to remember a man who put others first. A man who loved with all of his heart. A man who is leaving behind a wife, and family of kids and grandkids who will forever have a missing piece of their heart now that he is gone. As his friend he will always have a place in my heart that will be forever saved for him. My condolences go out to everyone he touched. The world is a little less perfect without him in it. We forever will love you Albert! May you now be pain free and forever Rest in Peace with your son Kyle in heaven.
  3. Al fought to the very end. We was one of the good ones. He touched every person he met. His heart was bigger than anyone that I have ever met. I can not tell you how blessed skinner and I are to have been friends with Al and his family. This is a devistating loss. RIP Al, we love you and will miss you so very much.
  4. Regatta was fun as always! I took tons of pics and I know a bunch of others did too. Can not wait to see all of them posted up here. I just wanted to personally thank all of you that supported Smokin Al's BBQ and the donations that were given from people who love Al and from those of you that do not even know Al that supported him. I was taking the $ from everyone and it got so overwhelming and emotional for me that I had to step away and hand it over to my husband Justin (aka Skinner). One person in particular donated $100 for one sandwhich. And so many others did huge donations as well. I know Al wanted to be there but would be so thankful for what you guys did this weekend for him. This just shows what a great group of people you all are and I am honored to know you all.
  5. geat seeing you guys this weekend, i have a few pictures of you two. If you want some in sepai or black and white let me know and i can mixe a few up and Pm them to you or e-mail them to you...

    take care

  6. Thanks for the pic of me and my hubby skinner bustin b's! I LOVE IT! Your other pics are cool too! lmao
  7. I just think with as much down time as we did have, what would it hurt? I dont even care about a trophy it would just be fun to race against others that do not ride like you guys do. I WISH I WAS A BAD a$$ GIRL, and could race and rub elbows with you guys, but im not and im not afraid to say that. But I do know from other conversations from other girls that had their own 70's there that it would be appreciated. And if it was an option to ride in the stock class with those of us who have husbands that build us bikes that are WAY to much for us to handle...SKINNER!, then we should have put that out there. There were several girls who asked me at registration why there was not a girls race. So not trying to start something at ALL here... just saying it is something we should consider for next year. Even if it is just a "FUN" race like we did at the beginning with all Classes (which I did participate in and found out right away that I had no business being on the track after I got ran over in the corner.) Love ya Peter!! Seriously though.. it should be considered.
  8. Pete if you have enough girls that want to do a powderpuff race.. (which you do...) we should consider it. The girls do not race as hard as the boys do regardless of what anyone says. And when I raced in the first race, I got ran over because I was not aggressive enough.. So I know Monkie says no... but come on.. enough of us girls have our own 70's so why not let us race? Regardless. It was a lot of fun!!
  9. then i will just have to bring my secret stash!!!
  10. Holy crap pete....that's friggin funny as hell. Good thing no one was hurt.
  11. Justin said the only way I am allowed to bring it is if you keep it in your trailer brian!
  12. oh ya... I forgot you suck!!!! hahahahahahaaaaaaaa
  13. UM... why has ISBB not preregistered??? HUH HUH HUH???
  14. Looks like Skinner and I might have to bring out the jager machine!!!!!!! oh snap this is gonna be a fun weekend!!!!!!!!!
  15. Okay Pete, Skinner Ninjagreengirl and baby ninjagreengirl are all preregistered, tshirts ordered and dinners ordered! wooohoooooooooo
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