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  1. I'm debating whether to buy a 4 seater because all the videos I see having a blast are with the 2 seaters most of the time ! Any advice?
  2. the very best !!!!!! u serious?
  3. i like the ram ..... !!! but i'll stay with my tundra thanks......
  4. what are the exact dates for holloween weekend.., before or after? cause it falls on a wed ... thanks guys..
  5. im trying to install my bmf leveling kit on my tundra...... anybody know someone who can do it right? thanks guys......come on pete i know you gotta know someone...lol
  6. steve where can i get a mirror like that?...
  7. mex450

    ac tech ?

    does anybody know any ac company that i can trust? i know it's too early but wanna get a get head's up thank's guys..
  8. funny sh*t !!!!! love it....
  9. anybody know what happend or info about a person that passed away at dumont on thanksgiving.. that's what i heard??? :dunno:
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