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  1. Thanks for the story and the pictures. That must have been difficult to write........I apologize for trying to turn it into a PSA. I wasn't working that night and my partner had called me because he's never been to Dumont before. I had a bad feeling if they were calling for a rescue that would be +- 2 hours away. I guess the info he received was vague concerning the condition of your friend. Hoping there was no suffering and I know I can only hope to go doing something I love.
  2. My partner was actually dispatched to that call from Las Vegas.......as he hit Baker, the crew was obviously cancelled . My understanding is that there was no one in the group that knew CPR. I honestly don't know if it would have made any difference in this situation...........BUT, if it was true, it's a tragedy that in this day and age no one even attempted. Please, people.......either get certified or at LEAST take a look on line and learn compressions. I can answer any questions anyone has regarding CPR. RIP Charles and my thoughts go out to the Piddis family and friends.
  3. Fairly certain they make a bench for them!!! You in town????
  4. Thanks mike, Your avatar looks like something out of a SCI-FI movie!!!
  5. Sorry about that, Al. Like Mike wrote, NW Las Vegas. Don't hesitate to call if you have anymore questions. Regards, Jack
  6. 2011 Orange Madness in LIKE NEW condition!!! Less than 15 hours. 1st oil change @ 5 hours. Have all lubricants for trans/diff change. 100% stock except for super custom $15 Rocky mountain mirrors!!! Pretty firm at $12,500 Will deliver up to 300 miles for fuel and a burger!!! (Aprox. $.35 a mile) Call Jack @ 702-373-8755
  7. All I can say is Mr. McDermott is a rarity in today's business climate. I wish him and his business all the luck in the future. One more thing........since Manuel doesn't need your help, can I use his credit to re-do my RZ-350 mill??? :grin:
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