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  1. Wanted to pay respects here as well. I knew Bert from GD.com. He was as big in life in so many ways, all good! You will be missed my friend, everyday, by many. Godspeed Brother. Prayers with your family. Gone way too soon.
  2. Pete, I admire you for the years you have done it!!! It is a HUGE PITA, no doubt. We can plan a trip just like any other time, nothing organized other than the dates. Bravo to you and the wife for the last 4 years. Glamis peeps will be there!!! I have a couple projects in the works
  3. Good video Chris,,,look how fast Travis is on the pink A+ @ 58 seconds in the vid,,,,one second he is in front of you then like a flash GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Matt Good seeing you, hope you had a safe drive hope. good times this weekend fo sho!

  5. Pete, I won the 2500 business cards, was introduced the guy but he was on a run when I went to his rig and left before I had a chance to talk to him. Can you get me his # please. Thanks, Matt See you all in March!!!!!
  6. Thanks ISBB, i'll check on the size of the photo. The photos that posted are 1.4mb and the ones that wont are 2.3mb, is that too big?
  7. dune run on the 70's ok, what am I doing wrong. I was able to post pics and now they won't go into the post? Browse add this attachment wait for it to load and then click add to post Right?
  8. Good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made the trip - the long way around - with Poule43 and family. It was worth every mile. Really good to meet up with other 70 nutz! It was my first time to Dumont and next time I will bring my car,,,the 70 can only go so far in the dunes. Andy and I dunned the 70's sunday morning and got to see a lot of the dunes but having the car will be better. Thanks,,,I mean THANKS!!!! to all who had a hand in putting on the regatta. It was a great time and I am really impressed how organized it all was for only being the 2nd year. Over 50 70's is a great showing! Food was da bomb! entertainment both on the track and at the Custom Shop drive in was a blast! Was great to see the 2 sites hookup and really hope to see a lot of the DDR crew come to Glamis for the Tres regatta. I have a few pics and will try to get 'em up here soon. Ragdoll,,,saw the parachute deal,,,it had "here, hold my beer and watch this" written all over it! Too funny.
  9. Dumont Dunes just joined and wanted to sign up for the 70 regatta. I see Andy already has rsvp'd for me - thanks Brother! looking forward to it as I have never been to Dumont before. We are trying to have a contingent from GD.com come to join forces with Dumont. Raspado (Eric) from GD.com is also coming, maybe 2 in his group Sounds like you have a good time planed, It's on the calendar! Look for the idiot pulling the 70 trailer, that'll be me
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