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  1. MGM/FRP Manx on a full size VW Pan. This car is registered in California with a VW Beatle VIN and title. It is currently at my house in Las Vegas. It is registered at our family's home in California. I have driven all over Las Vegas and Southern California streets with no problems. The car was built at MGM/FRP in 2006. It was originally owned as the personal car of the owners at MGM/FRP. I bought the car from them in 2010. Scott at MGM/FRP knows this car well and will vouch for it. It has a 2.5 Liter Turbo Subaru motor which I had rebuilt at Outfront Motorsports after buying it. It has a VW 091 Trans with Weddle Gears I had rebuilt at RJ Trans in Las Vegas after buying it. The dash and center console are all brand new built last year. It is wired with 4-seat intercom and Sirius Satellite radio. BFG A/Ts have only 2 weekends on them. This car does it all. Use it as a grocery-getter and to take the kids to school. It loves off-road/trail riding and does awesome in the dunes. The $29k price is firm and includes a lot of extras: 4 sand wheels, 4 sand tires, Hi Lift Jack, Hi Lift extraction kit, Brand new Magellan TRX7 GPS, Sirius Satellite Radio
  2. Thanks K. I'll talk to John at Outfront. He should have the info. I'll try to find a manual on line also.
  3. I was driving along no problem, came to a quick stop and the car stalled. Tried to restart and it wouldn't idle and had no oil pressure. Turned out the wire from the oil pressure sender was fractured so I replaced the connector and I do have pressure. But it still won't idle. I can get it to run if I stay on the RPMs and it sounds OK. But as soon as you let off the gas it dies. I found another loose wire hanging but not sure if it was ever connected or where exactly it goes. Or maybe I lost a vacuum line somewhere.
  4. Who does subi motor work in Vegas?
  5. I'm IN! How do I register?
  6. Thanks for all the input. I'm actually in Big Bear right now skiing. This is my first time coming up here from Vegas on the north side (I used to live in So Cal). Those switch backs did take me by surprise and I was just driving the F150 with no trailer. We've got reservations at the Serrano campground in Aug. I've already decided we're gonna take the extra hour and 50 mi drive and go around to the 38. Thanks again for all the info. Can't wait to get my car up here and explore some trails!
  7. I just got on mapquest and realized going through Lucerne takes me up he same mountain road. I've heard that going up the 38 on the other side is the easiest drive. It's an hour longer and 50 miles farther. I'm thinking that may be worth it. My truck/trailer weights are within limits but at the upper end. And I'll have the family with me.
  8. I am towing with a 1/2 ton. I heard that going through Lucerne is easier.
  9. I've heard there are some fun trails up there. But the road up there from the 247 has some serious hair pin turns and steep inclines. I wonder if I'd have trouble with my 22' trailer?
  10. I've got a long travel street legal Manx and have been exploring some trails up by Mt Charleston. I'm looking for other places to ride. Any suggestions? I don't like getting too far away from civilization without some other vehicles. Anybody out there with a street legal car want to go riding?
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