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  1. In Nevada, on off-road stuff, the title is optional. 

    I live in Nevada and have a friend who owns a dealership.

    If I can help, I'm willing. 

    Maybe I can get a Nevada title and I'll transfer it to you. I'm not a scammer. I can tell this has become a real pain in the butt.

    e-mail me if you want to get the ball rolling. (I'll be out of town till after the 4th of July on a Black Hills vacation)



    Wasn't sure what I should call it. Never heard of the brand. 

    I'm curious how many hours they'll last. It is cheap. If I can find one  for that price, I'll pick one up and put some serious hours on it and we'll find out if it's a good value. 

  3. I'm now up to 1900 hours on the Yamaha after Presidents day. 

    It draws fuel from an external marine gas tank I got for x-mas. So the generator runs for days without even looking at it. 


    almost 2000 trouble free hours and it still runs like the day I bought it.

    Cost per hour is cheap considering the amount of hours it runs and it's nice having the peace of mind that it isn't going to shut off because of a poorly engineered part. I can also get parts for it easily if something should eventually fail. 


    I had a knock off generator a few years ago. It acted like vapor lock after a while and I had to mess with it. It cluttered the garage for a while before I tossed it.  

    The Yammi has even powered two RV's when their generator crapped out. It was enough for lights and the furnaces and keeping the batteries topped off. Microwaves and coffee makers as long as we ran them at different times.


    A/C doesn't matter. Our RV has three so if it's that hot we fire up the Onan.


    I'd love to know how many hours the off-brand generators will run. If they do well enough, I'm not opposed to saving money.




    You know how we always forget something? Sometimes major, sometimes minor. I forgot most of my clothes and had to make do with the same pair of pants. After a couple days people probably thought homeless beggars had finally made it to Dumont!


    Got in Wed evening. Didn't unload. Woke up in the night to a pretty good rain.

    Saw three rollovers over the weekend.  It seems the wet sand is not forgiving. Slide sideways, roll over. W would stop blowing, we'd go out & build a fire and grab lawn chairs and out of the blue, someone would turn on the W-machine and send us scrambling to put stuff away. Saturday night at comp the turnout was bigger than it should have been with the low overall turnout.


    Got in some rides in between the frequent blows. 

     Went to the drags and never saw any. We hung out there for an hour or so. 

    "Are there any dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour? Hello?"


    For grins we went to comp Sunday night. Decent turnout for a Sunday until... 

    Wife said she felt a rain drop. I looked up at the clouds and said "is that all you got"


    Within one minute it was pouring! WE stood in the rain laughing and I said "Come on, how about some wind!"

    The sky complied. Now it was raining and windy! We stood in the rain and everyone told me to apologize to the clouds. I held my ground as we got soaked. What did we do? Went on a long, wet, ride. South pole, North pole, ect. 


    We made the best of it and had fun and laughed despite the crap weather. Dumont is what we make of it, regardless of the weather...


    I'll add some pics from my phone..






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  5. 45 minutes ago, DuNe~Rydher said:

    I love the idea. That's interesting stuff, thanks for all the details.  I cringe at the abuse my toy hauler takes every time I drive down that road.  Lets face it, we all know our toy haulers are built like sh*t, combine that with the washboard road and every time I get to camp I expect my cabinets to be on the ground.  I also don't really think the current state of the road filters anyone out.  If you are willing to drive out to the middle of no where to go off roading in dunes, i'm sure a dirt road isn't going to be the thing that stops you. I'd fully support this.

    Yeah, I worry about my glued together "OAK" (artificially flavored) particle board cabinets!

    And our (cheezy) "snap together" plumbing system. When I turn on the shower, I half expect water to start running down the hall. 

    We may have paid big bucks, but in reality they are glued, stapled and taped together! Not to mention helping keep dust out of critical areas like slides, furnace and water heater.


    I would like as many opinions as I can. I'm not in charge and don't want to go against what people want. Some people don't like change and I can respect that. Lots of people have "seniority" on me! 

    I think it's a possibility. 



    Low cost

    Environmentally friendly, EPA approved

    Reduces fugitive dust

    Smooth road reduces wear on emergency equipment

    No grader and operator or water truck needed on site

    Much easier on RV's/ tires/ springs


    This is one company I have worked with...



  6. Does anyone have recommendations on sun glasses? Something that will increase the contrast?

    The ones I use kinda make things grey and some times of day it's really hard to read the sand.



  7. Sorry, I forgot to include some cost estimates. 

    These prices are one mile long and 24 feet wide.


    The price of the material is about $1500. It takes about 2500 gallons per mile and it costs around 60 cents per gallon. The hauling fee depends on the distance. 

    A decent grader operator should be able to prepare the surface in 4 hours. A rubber tire roller is needed after the application to compact the prepared surface. Then several hours (depending on temperature) to dry. That's it! No more wash boards and no more dust. 


    It's not that expensive and would GREATLY reduce the wear and tear on your RV. 

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