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  1. I wonder what the attendance numbers were. I don't like to guess, but if I had to, I'd say near what the attendance was pre-downturn 2008. When it was time to leave, yes, total clusterfock! People around me were courteous though and we tried our best to take turns. Here's a few more pics. The last picture is our camp at the south pole during a group ride. I hope you post some pics, mine aren't very good.
  2. Wow, where do we start? Arrived on Wednesday afternoon. First one in our camp. Went for a couple rides. People were coming in at a pretty high rate for a Wednesday. Went for a night cruise to the N.P. The dunes changed quite a bit so we took the north route and took the trail. Didn't know where the new witches eyes were ect. Thurs most people in our camp arrived including John and his son who we met here when he was looking for a camp. John and family were nice and were liked by all. Johns son, about 8, has a quad and is a really good rider. By Friday I noticed A LOT of people were coming in and there were occasional lines waiting to get in at 2:00 am! Saturday morning I looked around. Attendance was very good this year. Saturday night at comp... wow. A pretty good turnout would be an understatement. How did things go for you? Your view on the turnout? Dune conditions? Favorite rides? New Veterans Memorial? Mishaps?
  3. Lots of people coming in tonight. Nice evening at the North Pole!
  4. No one has ever bothered me going to Dumont. No ag checkpoint between Pahrump. I don't remember where the checkpoint is on the 15. You could take 160 to Tecopa rd and avoid all hassles (except road destruction)
  5. And I have to work starting at 8 pm. They did this weekday meeting hoping people couldn't come on purpose. The residents of Tecopa don't own the land around them. BLM land is all of ours. Not theirs exclusively. I'm calling BLM. This is too important to be decided on spur of the moment with short notice. With some notice we could fill that building with people from Pahrump and easily outnumber Tecopa
  6. After the weekend I'll do a write up. I'll continue it down the road too. This is the rest of it. She's got a 351 Cleveland, factory air and curves... . . .
  7. I have a really big furry spider with red blinking eyes. So I guess I won't win the best decorated SxS. Are we also going to see the Land Speeder?
  8. I'm faced with do I wash my RV or not? Either way it will be trashed by the time I reach camp. I don't know how BLM works, but what about a decent chip sealed road. Maybe pay a surcharge until the bonds are paid off? We either pay for a decent road or pay for repairs to our RV's. Do we want to pay from our right pocket, or left?
  9. After 1600 hours, I'm replacing my Yamaha 2000is. Yamaha has introduced the 2200is earlier this year. The 2000is has been absolutely flawless since I got it, maybe, 7 or 8 years ago. It has pwered the RV well below freezing and during sand storms. I run the generator all night so power is always available and when the furnace kicks on, batteries are never low. It's quiet and I place it 50' from our camp so it's not disruptive. Yes, the RV has an Onan 5500 (50 amp) generator on board that I don't like. It's an expensive piece of crap that is straight out of the 1960's. It's a fuel hog using at least 1/2 gallon an hour and is not variable speed like the Yammi. I use it some, like when the A/C gets used to keep the dog and cat cool on those warm Dumont afternoons. I'll do a test and find out if this generator is worth having. Features: 10.5 hour runtime from a little over a gallon. Illuminated control panel Exterior carb drain Fuel gauge quiet I have no loyalty to Yamaha (or any other company) so if I don't like it, I'll report to you here. Meanwhile, please stay away from our camp if you use a contractor generator. They are obnoxiously loud and disruptive. . .
  10. How about the Rebel in Hesperia? 17671 Eucalyptus? Ethanol free 98 and 110. (760) 515- 6926
  11. If you have friends in Vegas, Rebel station, 1900 W Sahara. 110 octane, ethanol free. They could bring you some?
  12. Hey John. We camp next to the ranger station. Rangers never bother us and people tend to behave near them! My kids are older but there are two others with kids in our camp. One boy is the same age with a Kawasaki 90. It's easy to find. On the edge, just to the left (west) of the ranger station. We also get to watch the helicopter (we're nosy!) It's more of a family camp than a stay up all night party camp (although I stay up all night at other camps!) We are a laid back and friendly no "drama" camp. We all have some drinks but not to the point of being stupid. No drugs, we're family friendly. We have an Outlaw toyhauler RV towing a 26' black enclosed trailer, another toyhauler RV towing a white 24' enclosed trailer. Another RV towing a trailer with a turbo Subaru rail, A white F250 towing a 24' toyhauler. A class C towing a 26' black enclosed trailer ect. We'll be there Wed afternoon. Just show up or call or text (702) 481-3938 I don't always answer during the day, I'm a night worker.
  13. Yeah, the fireworks are definitely a big hazard. (eye roll) More nanny state intrusion into our lives. More people die and are maimed in the bathtub. Maybe bathing should require safety harnesses and cameras for enforcement. How many people are killed or hurt skiing? BAN NOW! Man, the amount of Dune prep. Unreal. Just ordered two 12 volt electric blankets for me & the wife to stay cozy warm on our night rides. If anyone finds us fried, please bury us on the hill. Thanks in advance.
  14. Mother Nature was quite busy at the dunes this summer.
  15. It does. I have a motorhome. Even on a smooth road it sounds like it's coming apart. Dishes, the stove and who knows what else rattles and squeaks! The way the road is now, I have no doubt it would leave a trail of parts... If you're behind a motorhome and wonder why they are going so slow on the Dumont road, it's because it feels like it's going to break. Hahaha!
  16. Do they reveal how many passes sold and use the money from passes for a Dumont budget exclusively or does the money go into the general BLM fund to be used how ever?
  17. Looks good to me! Now then, where is Suzuki? Did they give up on off road?
  18. I was there a couple weeks ago. There was dunes where there didn't used to be. They changed quite a bit this summer. I was surprised to find a small dune where pickups often get stuck on the way to comp hill. The dune where we hang out at the North Pole completely reversed itself. They'll be fine once we get used to them.
  19. It is October 26-27 weekend, the weekend before Halloween.
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