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  1. Svengoolie

    Let's see your Thanksgiving pics

    That's my outdoor wood stove. Stoke it up and it gets red hot. The stove pipe keeps us from getting smoked out. Way more efficient with wood than an open campfire.
  2. Svengoolie

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Doesn't bother me either. While growing up, if I wanted privacy on the phone, the cord would stretch to the bathroom. I imagine some of the Dumont crowd goes through phone withdrawal
  3. Svengoolie

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Didn't look like any recent work had been done. Sand was starting to drift onto the road and the dozer looked like it had been sitting a while. I didn't see power poles run. I imagine the tower will need power, right? I'm no expert but I doubt the tower will be ready this dune season. My guess is there is a waiting list for tower construction.
  4. Svengoolie

    Finally better cell service at D!

    Road is cut in. Not sure if the road is finished. No cell tower yet.
  5. Svengoolie

    Let's see your Thanksgiving pics

    Whoops, two of the pics are Sand Hollow. Gas cans & turkey. Yum!
  6. Svengoolie

    Let's see your Thanksgiving pics

    Building the cell tower road.
  7. Svengoolie

    FSA Race Banshee hill 11-17-18

    I don't know if your a professional vidiographer (is that a real word?) or not. But you should be. Some of the best drone work I've ever seen. Really.
  8. Svengoolie

    Portable generators

    Just saw a Yamaha on Craigslist for 450 In the RV section. If you don't want it I might pick it up for a spare.
  9. Svengoolie

    Stage Shut Down by Police (video) Halloween 2018

    Maybe we could get them to make an exception?
  10. Svengoolie

    Stage Shut Down by Police (video) Halloween 2018

    And good luck getting that permit. They really don't want a big dense crowd. For the record, this is my opinion, not based on any facts. I don't think they want any events that might draw a large dense crowd to gather. Things like fights and other rowdy stuff happens and the LEO's would be severely outnumbered. Not what they like. But, you say, what about the crowds at comp hill on holiday weekends? Those are a bunch of small, mostly unconnected little groups. A few LEO vehicles show up and they aren't overwhelmed by half a dozen people hanging out. I don't think we'll ever see those Chippendale wannabe's or a band where large amounts of people gather into a big F'ing crowd! That's my theory anyway.
  11. Svengoolie

    Portable generators

    I get almost 12 hours per tank on the Yamaha if the load is minimal. Lights, furnace, charging type stuff. It ran another 60+ hours last weekend. Temperature never matters, microwave or coffemaker not a problem. The reason I leave it run almost 24/7 is we keep our campsite well lit all night and we use the furnace regularly although we didn't need it last weekend. We had someone set up next to us with a crappy contractor generator last weekend. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! All weekend long. They suck.
  12. Svengoolie

    Stage Shut Down by Police (video) Halloween 2018

    The girl scream at 2:50 is hilarious!
  13. Svengoolie

    Dumont Halloween 2018

    You outdid yourself! Even mixed in some of the missing vintage footage. Siskel & Ebert? Two thumbs up!
  14. Svengoolie

    2018 Halloween trip reports!

    Yeah, hoping that "Chippendale" stage was a one-time thing.