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  1. Svengoolie

    Halloween 2018

    I have to wear a sweatshirt when temps drop to 70. Heat is OK but I'm a cold weather wuss!
  2. Svengoolie

    What's new for you next season?

    Made a lot of changes this year. We sold the toyhauler and picked up this toyhauler. (Thor Outlaw) Has a 10 foot garage with it's own A/C unit and loft above. Even if you don't put any vehicles on the garage, it's a good storage area for tools, firewood, coolers or whatever. The rear door is a patio. Got a new trailer. It was a good price but I had to pick it up from the factory. Still needs rear jacks and some better inside lights. This is a one day shade for it. Maverick Sport 1000 And this is for Joanne
  3. Svengoolie

    Halloween 2018

    Only a few days to go. Glad it's going to be warm, not a fan of cold weather. I remember several years ago it was downright hot for Halloween. Had to run the RV A/C for the dogs it was so warm. Loved it! The next couple days will be very busy. Gotta wash the summer dust off the RV (I dunno why, it'll be trashed by the time we drive in the entrance road lol!) Cut a crapload of firewood, ect. One thing that works well at comp at night? Duraflame logs. Easy to light and two or three at the same time makes a pretty good blaze that lasts a couple hours and they burn up to nothing so they don't leave a mess for the next morning. The ashes just blow away. I also really like our propane campfire. Nice for some warmth and light and no one get's smoked out. The cat will be joining us. She is diabetic and needs insulin shots twice a day. What we don't do for our pets, you know? I'm really hoping we all have fun with no breakdowns and no one get's hurt. Our new RV (early spring)
  4. Svengoolie

    Portable generators

    Yeah, for that price, can't really go wrong. I forgot to add, the Yamaha also has a fuel gauge. When the Honda came out, it changed the generator industry. Yamaha came out later and squarely targeted the Honda. Yamaha made sure to add features the Honda didn't have. They gave it a few extra amps, a couple decibels quieter, a couple pounds lighter, a fuel shutoff & gauge ect. Competition gives us some amazing products to choose from.
  5. Svengoolie

    Helmets required on sand rails?

    No, not required. AB1595, "Helmets must be worn by all operators and passengers in side x sides 1000cc or less". https://www.dumontduneriders.com/rules/
  6. Svengoolie

    Portable generators

    I have the Yamaha 2400IS. About 8+ hours on a gallon. Have over 1800 hours on it and it still runs like the day I brought it home with nothing but oil changes, spark arrester cleaning, and one fresh plug and air cleaner service. It's quieter than the Honda (59db), it's darn near silent. (54db Yamaha) has a separate fuel shutoff so I can run it out of fuel and a metal timing chain & cam. Has NEVER failed to start first pull or complained about heat/cold. Can run many different A/C units with a $20.00 hard start kit installed. It's all in the startup. But I don't use it for that. If I gotta run A/C I fire up the Onan. My last RV had a Coleman Mach 3 POWER Saver 13.5K BTU Air Conditioner. Best A/C unit I ever had. It only draws 10 amps yet was colder than the Carrier I have now. The Yammy (16 amp rating) ran that 10 amp Coleman no problem! Next year I may change ours out for the Coleman. Coleman Mach III http://www.dyersonline.com/coleman-mach-3-power-saver-13-5k-btu-air-conditioner-in-arctic-white.html?utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9ZDeBRD9ARIsAMbAmoZHdG4sLBS2o9vBK4tAkcuHvdYHFcoFZ2OQ_KTn_g_1CqTHmzI3GH8aAlU7EALw_wcB When I get to Dumont, she gets fired up and doesn't get shut down till we leave. It can draw from a 5 gallon can. It will run everything easily except the A/C. I know this is a novel, but to me the generator is Soooo important. When it comes to generators, I honestly believe you get what you pay for. The Yamaha & Honda will run trouble-free for thousands of hours with no "fiddling" around. When I'm camping, the last thing I wanna fool around with is a generator.
  7. Svengoolie

    Halloween 2018

    In the middle of getting everything ready and the RV blew a hydraulic line for the levelers. (Of course) ElCheapo factory hydraulic lines. The line popped off at the crimp, hydraulic oil all over the place. 3 bags of cat litter worth of oil. My own fault for waiting till a couple weekends to go. Dammit!
  8. Svengoolie


    Yep. Went through it already. Disney, Universal, all the crowded places I'd normally avoid. Now the kids are old enough to go on their own. Enjoy these times cause they grow up too fast. Yeah, I was joking. I already miss those times.
  9. Svengoolie


    Dumont or Legoland? Wow! If you need someone to talk to...
  10. Svengoolie

    whip requirements

    And don't forget to air down before heading to comp. It's routine to see trucks buried to the frame rails, even 4x4 trucks, right where the finger turns toward comp. It seems to be pretty soft and with people going every which way (clusterfock!) in that "intersection" momentum can't be counted on. Nothing like being stuck in the middle of a sand interstate freeway!
  11. Svengoolie

    whip requirements

    Whips are not required to be lighted. Whip must be 8' above the ground surface, flag: red or orange, minimum size, 6"x12" within 10" of the top of the whip. It must be upright when the vehicle is stopped. Off road vehicles need a whip all over at Dumont, road licensed vehicles need a whip while operating in the dunes. And of course all vehicles must have headlights/tail lights after sunset. It doesn't seem to me that the flag color is strictly enforced, but I still use a red flag to avoid potential problems.
  12. Svengoolie

    4 seater rzr into a 6 seater

    This is the California law as written, found on http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=27288 38603. (a) A person operating a recreational off-highway vehicle with a model year of 2014 or later shall not allow a passenger to occupy a separate seat location not designed and provided by the manufacturer for a passenger. (b) Seats that are installed in a separate seat location not designed and provided by the manufacturer for a passenger in vehicles with model year of 2013 or earlier may be occupied by a passenger if the occupant of the seat is fully contained inside of the vehicle's rollover protection structure at all times while the vehicle is being operated. Regarding aftermarket seating: "Any manufacturer provided seat can be replaced with an aftermarket seat; however, for 2014 model year and later models, seats cannot be added in areas of the vehicle that were not designed as seating areas by the manufacturer" Child car seats are not specifically addressed in the law so ????
  13. Svengoolie

    Stranded at Dumont - help needed (9/26/18)

    If it's an electrical problem with the computer, sometimes if you disconnect the battery for half an hour or so it will cause the computer to reset. May or may not help, but worth a try. I know it's too late for the OP, but keep that in your mind if something ever happens to you.
  14. Svengoolie

    Who's coming to Vendor Row for Halloween weekend?

    Food pics? Oh great, now I'm hungry. Just kidding, looks good!
  15. Svengoolie

    Halloween 2018

    Halloween weekend will be my b-day and wifey gave me an early present. 2019 Maverick Sport 1000R. Needs a roof, whip and a radio to annoy Heather pulling into camp at 3:00am after spending hours driving around lost and sometimes pulling into the wrong camp. If I accidentally pull into your camp, please go easy. I don't mean any harm, just get confused easily. THANKS JOANNE! Of course she had to take care of herself too. 2019 X-3... See you all out there!